Next Event: Enniskillen Saturday 21st April – Connaught Open 9-Ball 2012

The 2012 Connaught Open 9-Ball Pool Championships will be still taking place next Saturday 21st April as advertised but this annual event has been changed to a new venue…………….

This annual 9-ball ranking tournament advertised on the Ireland’s American 8 & 9 Ball Pool Tour tournament diary to take place in Sligo has been changed to Donaldson’s Snooker Hall Enniskillen with full details listed below…………TIME-SLOTS WILL BE IN PLACE.

Tyrone’s Carl Martin is the current champion when he became the youngest player on Ireland’s American 8 & 9 Ball Pool Tour to win a official ranking tournament after the 14 year-old cueist was crowned Connaught Open 9-Ball Champion 12 months ago and will be looking to retain his title next Saturday 21st April…………..

Details of the 2012 CONNAUGHT OPEN 9-BALL CHAMPIONSHIPS are as follows !!!!!!!!

NAME OF TOURNAMENT: Connaught Open 9-Ball Pool Championships

DATE: Saturday 21st April 2012

VENUE: Donaldson’s Snooker Hall, Sligo Road, Enniskillen

CLOSING DATE: Thursday 19th April 2012

TIME-SLOTS: time-slots will be given to all players who PRE-ENTERS by Thursday 19th April

ENTRY FEE: £20 or 25euros

FORMAT: straight knockout best 17 (race to 9) —— “HANDICAP EVENT”

DRESS-CODE: black trousers, polo or dress shirt, dress shoes

TEL: 07917887147 or from Rep of Ireland (0044) 7917887147

FACEBOOK: Send message through RB Cue Sports facebook page


Full tournament diary can be viewed by visiting the tours official website and clicking on the 9-ball link and then click on tournament diary…………..

All ranking points for each event will be rewarded from the ¼-finals onwards with each ranking tournament having 8 seeds for each tournament…….

Everyone is reminded that all entries must be pre-entered on or before the Thursday of each event (Thursday 19th April for this event)with this date also being the cut-off date for all tournament seeds………………….

If any player fails to wear the tournament “DRESS-CODE” he or she won’t be entitle to any prize-money or receive any ranking points……….

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