New Tour – 9-Ball event – Frames Belfast, Sunday 28th March.

Sam Gibson, the 2006 All-Ireland 9-Ball Champion, is starting a new 9-Ball tour. The first event is due to take place in Frames, Belfast on Sunday 28th March.

Entry Fee: £25.

Tour registration is £25, and goes towards the posters, tour cards, trophies and administration costs.

The game is 9-ball, and there will be no dress code for first event, but after that there will be a dress code to help attract sponsors.

Players should to be at the venue by 11am, with play starting at Noon.

Anyone who is interested in playing in the first event should call Sam on 07597640625 (ROI: 0044 7597640625) or sign up on the relevant thread on the Irish 9 Ball forum.

Prize money:

All entry fee money will be paid out. 25% of the field will get paid.

Example (32 player field):
1st £250
2nd £150
3rd £100
4th £100
5th – 8th £50

The number 1 player at end of year will also win a cue.

The tour dates for the rest of the year are:
2nd May
6th June
4th July
1st Aug
5th Sept
3rd Oct
7th Nov
5th Dec

Any interested sponsors, please contact Sam on 07597640625 (ROI: 0044 7597640625). Sponsors names will be put on posters and in newspapers. Sponsorship of £50 will get the sponsor’s business card on the tour poster. The larger the sponsorship the bigger the logo with be.

There will also be tour shirts for sale in future, with some of the money being added to the events.

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