Grady Mathews R.I.P.

Pool legend Grady Mathews has passed away.

Grady Mathews (born January 3, 1943, San Antonio, Texas died April 18, 2012), also known as “The Professor”, was the first inductee into the One-Pocket Hall of Fame in 2004.

In addition to success at the table, he had been a technical advisor to movie producers, a regular commentator on pool matches taped by Accu-Stats Video Productions. In 1986, Mathews played the character “Dud” with Paul Newman and Tom Cruise in Martin Scorsese’s Academy Award-winning film The Color of Money. He was also revered for his contributions to pocket billiards through his promotional activities and lessons.

Mathews worked tirelessly throughout his career to promote pocket billiards, particularly the game of one-pocket. He was the creator of the Legends of One-Pocket series, and gave fans of the game many other tournaments as well. In his prime Mathews was widely regarded as “the most feared one-pocket player in the world”. He also wrote a monthly instruction column for InsidePOOL Magazine and was a contributing writer to other pool periodicals such as Billiards Digest, 1984-1987, The Snap Magazine, 1989-1991, and The National Billiard News.

He survived his wife Randi, who died August 7, 2009. He lived in Columbia, South Carolina and managed his pool room, Grady’s Billiards. He is survived by two children, Marie and Grady IV.

Mathews continued to compete professionally, as well as putting on exhibitions, pool clinics, and private lessons throughout the United States until the he was diagnosed with cancer in 2011. Grady lost his 8 month battle to cancer April 18th, 2012.

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