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las vegas finals
Date: May 04, 2005 07:44AM
hi guys, just wondering if my team can get any advice or tips about playing under pressure, as most of you are seasoned players, my o2 team are a couple of weeks away from the las vegas play off finals at club 9, and the pressure is starting to show, missing easy 8ball, cue wobbling etc, we would like to win this trip of a lifetime to play in the biggest tournament in the world and are only a couple of matches from it, so any advice no matter how small would be fantastic to help us reach the finals.
thanks guys

Willie 'The Wizard' Dines
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Re: las vegas finals
Date: May 04, 2005 08:42AM
Hi Joe

What makes you think that you're even gonna win that cos I don't think that you're gonna cos I ain't gonna let ya!...LOL!!!

there's no type of coaching advice that can give you any help on how to deal with pressure, you can only learn that through experience, But I will tell you to look at the shots untill you're 100% that you're making the right shot selection, but not talking 1/2 an hr to play a rack!

Learn from your mistakes and goes the same for your team and everyone including myself!

John Madden
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Re: las vegas finals
Date: May 04, 2005 03:17PM
Good good advice. Take your time - make the best shot and take your time shooting it - rushing the shot usually turns out bad.

Also remember its ok to be nervous - if you aren't then you need to worry. All the good players get nervous too.

Good luck to you all - I didn't know Ireland was going to be represented in Vegas. That is really cool. I just mailed a cue to a player who is going to Vegas (plays with a John Madden custom cue and he had me build him another shaft) - he is getting a little nervous - he lives in Arizona (I lived there for 50+yrs) so the trip for him will just be about a 5 hour drive. I sponser a player here in Montana who has two John Madden custom cues -he is going to Vegas this month also. Have heard from a lot of players that I have built cues for - they are all getting really excited about going to Vegas - can't wait for the competition to begin. But remember when you go - it is May and it is the desert. It will be hot - could get up into the 100's - but the humidity will be low. Drink - I mean drink a lot of WATER so you don't get dehydrated (it happens in the desert). Again, best of luck to you all.

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