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"£320 PRIZE-MONEY" ------- Tyrone Open 9-Ball Championship
Date: March 30, 2012 08:01AM
Irelandís American 8 & 9 Ball Pool Tour are bringing back the Tyrone Open 9-Ball Pool Championships.

This tournament was a annual event on the tours tournament diary for many years played at the Coach Inn venue in Omagh before the venue took out their American pool tables and replaced them with English 8-ball................

Q-Sports Academy Sports Club in Fintona will be hosting the 2012 Tyrone Open 9-Ball Pool Championships but all players are reminded that the tournament is only limited to 16 players with £320 in prize-money up for grabs and the crystal trophy..........

This tournament will be played on a quality American 9-Ball Pool Table which has only been recovered with Simonis Championship Cloth with this playing cloth also used on pool tables and venues for major tournaments around the world........

TOURNAMENT: --------Brief Details
1 Players will only travel twice to compete in this event......
(a): their will be two matches on one night (race to 10) with the two winners playing.

(b): the winner on the night will return for the Grand-Finals when the semi-finals and final will be played to a finish.

2 All matches will be best of 19 (race to 10) alternative breaks with each player receiving his full PLAYING HANDICAP.......(playing handicap from Irelandís American 8 & 9 Ball Pool Tour).

3 The tournament is only limited to the first 16 paid players with all entries accepted on a first come first served basis.........."ENTRIES ACCEPTED BY FULL PAYMENT ONLY"

4 Entry fee will be £20 + £5 tour reg.

5 Their will be £320 in prize-money (based on 16 entries) WINNER £170 + crystal trophy, RUNNER-UP £100, SEMI-FINALS £50 (2x£25).

6 All matches will be played during the week starting at 7pm, 8pm & 9pm each night of play either a Tuesday or Friday night (this is given 1 hour per match).

The Grand-Finals (semi-finals & final) will be played on a Friday night with the first match starting at 7pm.

We hope to have live streaming for the semi-finals & final on Grand-Finals night.

TEL: 07917887147


WEBSITE: www.rballsports.com

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