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Ulster Open 9-Ball Pool Championships 2012
Date: March 22, 2012 09:16AM
Ireland’s American 8 & 9 ball Pool Tour will be staging there first 9-BALL TOURNAMENT of the 2012 season this Saturday 22nd March in Hustlers Pool Club Belfast with the annual Ulster Open 9-Ball Pool Championships taking centre stage staring at 10am with Stephen Johnson (Lisburn) being the current champion after the Lisburn player defeated young Jordan Gorman (Belfast) in the final 12 months ago in Dungannon Co. Tyrone......

These 2012 ULSTER OPEN 9-BALL CHAMPIONSHIPS will be played on 5 American Pool Tables with all players REMINDED that entries must be PRE-ENTERED as no entries will be accepted on the day of the event..........listed below are details of this annual event........

Details of the 2011 ULSTER OPEN 9-BALL CHAMPIONSHIPS are as follows !!!!!!!!

NAME OF TOURNAMENT: Ulster Open 9-Ball Pool Championships

DATE: Saturday 22nd March 2012

VENUE: Hustlers Pool Hall, Europa Tool House, Springbank Ind Est, Pembrook Loop Road, poleglass, Belfast, BT17 ORT

CLOSING DATE: Friday 21st March 2012

ENTRY FEE: £20 or 25euros

NUMBER OF TABLES: 5 American Pool Tables

FORMAT: “GROUP” double elimination or round robin format (if 16 or under) --- “HANDICAP EVENT”

DRESS-CODE: black trousers, polo or dress shirt, dress shoes

TEL: 07917887147 or from Rep of Ireland (0044) 7917887147

FACEBOOK: Send message through RB Cue Sports facebook page

WEBSITE: www.rballsports.com

Full tournament diary can be viewed by visiting the tours official website www.rballsports.com and clicking on the 9-ball link and then click on tournament diary.

All ranking points for each event will be rewarded from the ¼-finals onwards with each ranking tournament having 8 seeds for each tournament.......

All ranking tournaments will be played in a “GROUP” double elimination or round robin format (if each venue and entries are suitable) except the official All Ireland Open 9-Ball Pool Championships...........all tournaments will be organised to suit the entries at each tournament......

These tournaments are open events to any player..................if it happens that any player or players don’t agree with the rules which is set in place by Ireland’s American 8 & 9 Ball Pool Tour, the organizers has the right to refuse any entry if need be.........

Everyone is reminded that all entries must be pre-entered on or before the Thursday of each event (Friday 21st March for this event)with this date also being the cut-off date for all tournament seeds......................players could also have to qualify to get into group format if not entered inside the deadline.........

If any player fails to wear the tournament “DRESS-CODE” he or she won’t be entitle to any prize-money or receive any ranking points..........

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