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"BIG MONEY CHALLENGE MATCH" ------- Barry Hough (Mayo) v Mark McDonald (Antrim)
Date: January 11, 2012 11:38PM
Q-Sports Academy Sports Club has recently set-up a number of “CHALLENGE MATCHES” in the following Cue-Sport games of 8-Ball, 9-Ball, 10-Ball and Snooker pairing all players off to their own standards...............

On Saturday 18th February two of Ireland’s top Cue-Sport players Barry Hough (Mayo) and Mark McDonald (Antrim) will go head to head in a 9-BALL CHALLENGE MATCH playing a race to 30..............

At the minute the PRIZE-POT stands at a minimum of 4,000 euros (2,000 each) and with more backers looking to get involved this could increase to bigger stakes in the coming weeks.............

This 9-Ball Challenge Match will be streamed live through the following website www.reddishtv.com

Barry comes from Co.Mayo and is known throughout Ireland and further afield for his talent in the 8-BALL GAME (reds & yellows) winning many individual ranking tournaments and also represented Ireland at the World 8-Ball Pool Championships and the European 8-Ball Pool Championships both in singles and team events............

Mark who hails from Belfast Co.Antrim is a fabulous young player in all American Cue-Sport games throughout Ireland winning many 9-BALL TOURNAMENTS throughout the 32 counties north and south of the border organised by Ireland’s American 8 & 9 Ball Pool Tour which includes two All Ireland Under-21 9-Ball Championship titles with the Belfast cueist also representing Ireland at European American Pool Championships..............

CHALLENGE MATCH: Barry Hough (Mayo) & Mark McDonald (Antrim)

DATE: Saturday 18th February 2012

VENUE: Q-Sports Academy Sports Club, Fintona, Co.Tyrone

TIME: 2pm


FORMAT: Race to 30 ------- Winner Breaks

SPECTATORS: Everyone Welcome

PRIZE-MONEY: 4,000 euros minimum (2,000 each)

If there is any other player or players looking to arrange a challenge match at the Q-Sports Academy Sports Club in any of the above Cue-Sport games please get in contact with me on 07917887147 and a match will be arranged.

Pictured LtoR: Barry Hough (Mayo) and Mark McDonald (Antrim)

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