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Pool Que
Date: April 18, 2005 08:51AM
How do all!

I am a new member of the 9ball league and have already got chatting to a few of you, but I need some advise from the rest.

Pool ques, I started the first day in Derry with my snooker que (mistake).
Day 2 in Club9 last saturday I played with a house que and found it much better. I want to buy a good Que that is going to last and be good enough for me when or if I improve. Something better than the basic models but not off the very top shelf. Any recommendations?


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Re: Pool Que
Date: April 18, 2005 04:51PM
A one piece house cue could really only be compared to a predator while other cues such as Joss or Meucci have a lot more whip which actually changes the path of the cue ball this is known as parallel aiming so the sweetspot on the object ball where you would normally aim to changes so if you played well with a stiffer or less whippy cue that is the reason that predators are the choice of most top world players they are allways exactly the same consistency so if you were to decide to order a different size shaft or broke a shaft it would be the same hit.

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