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TIME-SLOTS: -------- Saturday 19th November
Date: November 16, 2011 11:47AM

MORNING SESSION: -------- 10am Start
1. Jason Clerkin
2. Brian Heraghty
3. Tony Mulhern
4. Jack Rock
5. Nathan Todd
6. Daniel Gorman
7. Jordan Gorman
8. Daryl Beattie
9. Carl Martin
10. Coilean Massey
11. Sean Judge
12. Sean McVeigh
13. Bernard McGuiness
14. Paddy McLoughlin
15. Ali Welsh
16. Hud Mullin
NOTE: All players must be at the venue for 9.30am ready to start at 10am on the button............draw made at 9.15am

AFTERNOON SESION: -------- 1pm Start
1. Todor Grudey
2. Billy Gorman
3. Mark McDonald
4. Ronan Fay
5. Paul Tierney
6. Stephen Johnson
7. Raymond Todd
8. Shaun Ingram
9. Ronnie Boyle
10. Max Pinchuk
11. Sam Gibson
12. Leslie Welsh
13. Paul O’Leary
14. Gareth Kirwin
NOTE: All players must be at the venue for 1pm ready to start at 1.30pm...........

The 2011 All Ireland American Open 8-Ball Pool Championships which is the biggest and most prestigious AMERICAN 8-BALL TOURNAMENT in Ireland will take place this SATURDAY 19th NOVEMBER at the Northwest Snooker Club, Letterkenny, Co.Donegal...........

Tournament entries will not go over 32 (if received) with 2 places available to enter in the afternoon session.............for entries and full information contact 07917887147.............

Once again Ireland’s American 8 & 9 Ball Pool Tour has introduced “LIVE STREAMING” for this prestigious event played on four American Pool Tables with one being the main TV table for “LIVE STREAMING” which can be viewed at the following website www.reddishtv.com

The tournament will start at 10am on the button with all players receiving a “TIME-SLOT"........

(a): Four groups of 4 (groups 1 to 4) starts at 10am, 11am with each group winner playing at 12noon......this is allowing each mach a 1 hour period (first to 7)....

(b): Four groups of 4 (groups 5 to 8) starting at 1-30pm, 2-30pm with each group winner playing at 3-30pm.......this is allowing each mach a 1 hour period (first to 7)........

(c): The four ¼-finals will start at 4-30pm followed by semi-finals 5-30pm with the final taking place at 6-30pm............this is also allowing each mach a 1 hour period (first to 7).........final (first to 8)............

(a): The 2011 All Ireland American Open 8-Ball Pool Championships will be played in a straight knockout with all matches being best of 13 (race to 7) to the final with the final being best of 15 (race to 8) ----------- this format is allowing 1-hour per match.........

(b): Any player who is not at the table when called will lose a rack every 5 minutes........“NO EXCEPTIONS” given to any player.......

(c): Any player who turns up to play without the tournament DRESS-CODE being in place will lose three racks plus only receive half of any prize-money he or she wins with rest of the prize-money carried onto the next tournament “NO EXCEPTIONS” given to any player..........

(d): All players will receive a PLAYING HANDI-CAP one point less from their original “9-BALL PLAYING HANDI-CAP”...........

Dress trousers, polo or dress shirt (shirt must have collar) and dress shoes ------------ no trainers, no canvas / jean trousers, no round neck tee shirts.........

2005: Daryl Peach (England)
2006: Paddy Mc Loughlin (Down)
2007: Paddy Mc Loughlin (Down)
2008: Paddy Mc Loughlin (Down)
2009 & 2010: Tournament wasn’t played

NAME OF TOURNAMENT: All Ireland American Open 8-Ball Pool Championships

DATE: Saturday 19th November 2011 -------- LIVE STREAMING

VENUE: Northwest Snooker Club, Letterkenny, Co. Donegal

CLOSING DATE: All players must pre-enter ----- first 28 entries accepted ----- no entries on the day

NUMBER OF TABLES: 4 Championship American Pool Tables

CURRENT CHAMPION: Paddy McLoughlin (Down ------ 3 times winner)

FORMAT: Straight knockout ----- Best of 13 (race to 7) ----- Handicap Event

ENTRY FEE: £25 or 30 euros

TEL: 07917887147 or from Rep of Ireland (0044) 7917887147

EMAIL: irelandsamericancuesports@yahoo.co.uk

WEBSITE: www.rballsports.com

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