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Date: November 03, 2011 06:32PM
I've heard that the IPBA recently held an Extraordinary General Meeting
(EGM). I also heard that no members (apart from the committee) were
invited, which is strange as EGM's are the same as AGM's and should be
attended by all members.

At this EGM, the committee decided to re-elect itself, with no ordinary
members present. So not only were members (who paid membership to the
IPBA) given no invite to attend the EGM, but they were given no say in
who's on the committee or a chance to be on the committee themselves.

Can anyone in the IPBA shed some light on this? Is it also true that
the committee comprises entirely of players from one club (The Pool
Knight Shack)? Are members going to get refunds (or even an
explanation), considering there have been no events since February, and
it now appears they have no say in how the IPBA is run?

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Date: November 07, 2011 11:47PM
Information for all members will be sent out in due course, I have been away again and Im have been working on things while I was away also.
If it something that you are by this post requesting an adequate explanation other than your normal bitch and moan then by all means ring the appropriate authority.
Not only have you been informed when you rang me but you never contacted me further rather than coming onto sites like this and facebook, it does not make us look bad it makes you look bad.
I could go on about this all day but I wouldnt attack a persons name on a multiple publicated site like certain people.
If you need me you know my number other than that you will be contacted in due course with a mail from myself on behalf of the federation.
If members wish to inquire about this publication by all means contact me and the events that actually did happen will be explained.
On behalf of the I.P.B.A
Darren Feehan

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Date: November 10, 2011 12:09AM
Just to let players know where they stand. I've learned the IPBA is no longer in the EPBF membership process. This means the IPBA no longer represents Ireland internationally. The sad part is that it makes it almost impossible for Irish players to enter the European Pool Championships.

Despite starting with high ambitions, the IPBA only held one event (last February) and I've been told it has less than a dozen members. It can no longer claim to be the national governing body of American Pool in Ireland.

Lets hope lessons will be learned, and its not too long before a proper federation is formed to represent pool players in Ireland.

Gareth Deegan

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Date: December 13, 2011 02:16AM
If Gareth 'Dark Knight' Deegan is right about the IPBA no longer being a member of the EPBF, then the IPBA has simply lost any hope they had of becoming Ireland's NGB for American Pool.

As far as I'm concerned, the IPBA doesn't and never will represent me as a pool player.

I very happily give credit to Ronnie Boyle and to Sean Judge where it's due because they are both keeping tournaments going on a regular basis and from what I hear, alot of players are starting to come back to competing in Ronnie's events again, which is a good feeling to know of smiling smiley

I say good on them and hats off to Ronnie & Judgey for being able to get the players back into the game again because they're much more of an effort to keep a competitive circuit going, which a hell of alot more than the IPBA has done.


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Fred Dinsmore
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Date: December 16, 2011 09:08AM
Sadly I agree

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