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club 9 april event
Date: April 03, 2005 01:58PM
just to let you guys know, that o2 have decided in patnership with joe and sam that they will be sponsoring club 9's next event, there will be a special discount for the pool players on phones, pay and go or contract or free upgrades, sim cards, bluetooth headsets,accessories, you name it we can get you it, there will be also some freebies and mystery prize's, there is also pay and go sim cards with 300 free text messages per month, plus promotion girls. So if your thinking of getting a new phone before the event don't, well save you a small fortune no catches this is a one off for the pool guys.
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Re: club 9 april event
Date: April 03, 2005 06:24PM
Hi Joe how ya doin'?

Thanks for the info Joe as I remember the last 2 little honies that were in the room on 'Open Day' and it was a great day for pool in Ireland!

I'll see you tonight at club 9 and I wan to discuss a few things with you.

Take care buddy and I'll see you later!


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