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BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!
Date: May 30, 2011 08:16AM
Breaking News

Hustlers Pro Season 2011/2012

Hi all I am proud to announce Hustlers Pool Hall Belfast has confirmed sponsorship for the Pro Season which kicks off later this year.

At this stage we are looking for 16 players to play in five tournaments and one grand final within a 12 month period, each tournament will be around two months apart. Registration for the Pro Season will be 15 or 20euro per person and will be paid by the player to secure there spot before the first event. Spots for the Pro Season will be given to the first 16 players to register to play in the first event of the series which will take place in August 2011. There will be ranking points given to each player who takes part in each event and added prizes for the player finishing in the 1st spot.

Entry to each tournament will be 55 or 65euro paid to the events organiser at Hustlers Pool Hall. There will be 5 green fees taken from each entry for admin and the use of the pool hall on the day.
The draw for each event will be done at 10am the morning of the event and play will start at 10.30am.
The format for each event will be

Double elimination
Race to 11 on the A side
Race to 9 on the B side
Winner Breaks
The winner on the A side will have to be beaten twice by the B side winner in a race to 11 and a race to 9
There will be a dress code for these events to help secure future sponsorship

The season will be open to the first 16 confirmed names by paying there registration. If a player cannot attend one of the events his place will then be offered to another player, the entry fee for the placement player will be 70 this player will also receive ranking points.
To be eligible to play in the Grand Final a player must pay there Registration and play in at least 3 of the events therefore the Grand Final could have more than 16 players.

If you are interested in playing could you please add your name below?

Further details on how to make payments will follow

Thanks Sean

Hustlers Pool Hall Belfast

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Date: May 30, 2011 08:18AM
1.Coilean Massey
2.Gary Millen
3.Sam Gibson
4.Mark McDonald
5.Stephen Johnston
6.Sean Judge
7.Shaun Ingram
8.Paddy McLoughlin
9.Phil McConomy
10.Fred Dinsmore
11.Darren Feehan
12.Shane O'Hara
13.Paul Strawbridge
14.Daniel Gorman
15.Shaun Ingram
16.Gary Johnston

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Re: BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!
Date: May 31, 2011 12:51PM
Come on lads get your names down!!!!!!!!

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