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Tournament Report April 30th
Date: May 03, 2011 09:36PM
Hustlers Pool Hall- 8 Ball Mayhem
On a hot Spring day, when the neighbourhood were out sunning themselves the real action was happening in Hustlers Pool Hall. Some say Pool is a winter sport but Hustlers Pool Hall farts in their general direction. Throwing caution to the wind we held our first 8 Ball tournament of the season over the Easter Holidays on a day so hot I think even the (pool) balls were sweating.

After a few hours of banging balls and letting of some steam, the last 8 were as follows:

ľ Finals
Mark (The Bear) McDonald 9 V Darren (The Instructor) Markey 6: This score line dose not look the best on paper. But our new player Darren had a great day of pool progressing through his tough group with super temperament and attitude to find he hid a brick wall or should I say a Grizzly Bear. All that aside well done Darren you should be proud of your performance.

Paddy (The Magician) McLoughlin 9 V Liam (Wee Wheels) McVeigh 2: Paddy turned his game up a notch to over come Liam McVeigh with an outstanding performance.

Paul Strawbridge 4 V Gary (Hudd) Millen 9: This was a battle of friendship, lust and power but in the end Paul gave in to lust and was to busy eating his mince and onion pie and Hudd ran away with the match.

Gary (Snore) Johnston 9 V Dan (The Man) Gorman 4: This was a good win for Gary considering he no longer practices due to working every hour in the week. Dan on the other hand found himself jetlagged after all the 10 minutes travel from his home to the venue.

Semi Final
Mark McDonald 9 V Gary Johnston 6: The Bear continued his steady performance in the semi-final and overcame Gary with a 9-6 win.

Paddy McLoughlin 4 V Gary Millen 9: This was a match that could well have been the final but when Paddy got a bad kick on the four ball when he was 4-3 down there was no looking back for the man they call the most naturally talented cueist in Ireland. With this super win over Irelands No.1 is this the start of a new error for the Hudd.

Mark Mc Donald 6 V Gary Millen 9: The score line says it all our winner of the 2011 April 8Ball Open Gary (Hudd) Millen. Not too bad for a guy whom hasnít played on a 9ft table in 3 Ĺ years.

Well done Garry and to all whom took part in this event.

Next event is 21st May @ 11am.

Cheers Hustlers

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