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Hustlers Pool Hall Belfast-in a league of their own!
Date: March 31, 2011 08:17PM
Where would you rather be on a Monday night? Sitting in your living room watching Coronation street behind your newspaper, or shooting pool in Belfast’s only American Pool League. It’s all been happening at Hustlers Pool Hall over the last ten weeks, every Monday night, six teams battling it out for Hustlers Pool Halls’ first ever league title. This has been the warm up to our Vegas league, a chance to give players time to get familiar with the game again, to attract new players and to practice until they were blue in the face. It turned out to be a mini war, with every team showing up each week with an iron will to win.

Even on cold snowy nights, when the ground was as hard as a goats knee, players still made the journey to Hustlers Pool Hall to fight tooth and nail for their first league title, from the beginners to the pro’s.

With over 30 players shooting pool and their teams cheering them on, the atmosphere has been electric. No more so than on our final night when it went right down to the wire, with the top three teams all in with a chance of taking the top spot. The Rookies deservedly took first place, and will now be confident going into the playoffs against the other top finishers.

So roll on May 2011, which sees the start of Hustlers Pool Halls’ first Vegas League. This will run over forty weeks, with the wining team being sent to Las Vegas in May 2012 for ten nights to play in the World Amateur Championships, in association with Hustlers Pool Hall. We hope to have ten teams entered so the competition will be as fierce as ever…….let the battle commence. There are team places still available, so if you have 5 guys that like to shoot pool, even if you’re red and yellow players, why not come up and see us and give the American Pool a go. Contact us on 02890 602135 or Francis@hustlerspoolhallbelfast.com

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