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Hustlers Tournament announcment
Date: November 24, 2010 10:36AM
Attention all American pool players.

Hustlers Pool Hall Announcement.....

My business partner and I have decided to withdraw the added money to the tournament on Dec 4th and 5th.

The reason for doing so is:

We think that it is causing unwanted harm and debates to the already damaged tour and the reason for this starting is because of the money added to the last tournament of the year and the criteria you need to meet to play in that tournament.

Therefore if we withdraw the money from this tournament it would leave the criteria as it were in any other of the tournaments through-out the past year.

Paid members pay 25 to play in the tournament
Non paid members pay 30 to play in the tournament
Open to all cue sport players

If we were to do this we would have our own normal tour players pulse an extra 10 or more from Dublin entering the tournament. Another thing I think we should still do is the Calcutta as it would create extra money on the day.

I we personally think that this is the only way forward through this situation and then we can all concentrate on ironing out the cresses and getting the tour up and running and sealing the EPBF for 2010.

All players have our word that the money in question will be added to a tournament in the new year therefore the tour is in a win, win situation.

Let me know what you all think

Regards Hustlers Pool Hall

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