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The Pool Knight Shack!!!!!!!
Date: July 19, 2010 05:34PM

i recently went down to play in david pooles club in dublin to particapate in the dublin 9ball league and was very impressed not only with the venue but with the professionalism of how the league is run.

Everyday the website and league table is updated.

The tables play really tough and having aramith balls and decent cloth on the tables makes things so much more enjoyable.

It was great to play in good conditions for a change and I would say that any event organised by david will be a total success in my eyes.

Its astonishing to me that david can attract 17 players at 100 euros a man and our (TOURS) cant even attract 16 at 25 quid a man????????

I would like to wish david every success in his new venture.

Thumbs up from me in every aspect. smiling smiley

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Re: The Pool Knight Shack!!!!!!!
Date: July 20, 2010 12:12PM
Cheers Paddy,
It will be good to find some more players who might travel to play in the League along with the rest of us...

More photos can be found on facebook under "Pool Knight Shack"

also tune in to the website for up to date information -


David Poole

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Re: The Pool Knight Shack!!!!!!!
Date: November 12, 2010 08:54PM
Hi all,

I bring you some very important news which I need you to seriously think about...

Just an update on The Pool Knight Shack and the League etc...

We are half way through the Dublin 9 Ball League where you can see the standards improving week by week... Paddy has noticed it himself and said it to me about a number of the guys...

It's great to see them all playing so well and even more so... really enjoying it!!

That's what it's all about after all...

Now that the 2nd half is underway you can see the competitive streaks coming out in all players, new and experienced. It will definitely be an interesting 2nd half running up to the Championship Playoff which directly follows the League for all who qualify.

It was great to have some of the old practice room members come by to see the developments (Gareth Deegan, Joe and Eoin O'Driscoll).
I hope to see them all back again very soon and even playing in the league next season.


On another note, I personally found it very disappointing to hear that Ireland had lost its membership with the EPBF and could no longer participate in European and World Championship events.

I wrote to the president of the EPBF to query this and try come to a resolution on the matter. After numerous corresponding emails the situation was then taken to board level with the EPBF to discuss further.

The EPBF have come back to me and agreed to reconsider the membership so long as we in Ireland can comply with the EPBF's statues and standards. Due to very unsatisfying developments resulting in our failure to do so before has left a big dent in our reputation with Europe.

So under The Pool Knight Shack, we have effectively been given a life line, which has surprised even the higher end individuals involved in some of the official Associations and Federations that I am currently a part of here in Ireland.

The Pool Knight Shack is now the official contact and representative with the EPBF regarding American Pool in Ireland. We are in the process of re-developing and rebuilding a good relationship with them in that regard.

To ensure this is a complete success and open the doors to many opportunities for all Irish Players involved in any and all Irish Cue Sports, we need to all come together and work as a complete team. There cannot be separations between groups, there cannot be different Tours and Tournaments running at the same times effectively dividing the Players and preventing us from moving forward.
From here on it must be set out and governed properly with all of those issues being dealt with and ironed out completely.

I can assure you we will not be given this opportunity again so it's crucial we start doing what is required of us and act in the best interest of the Players and the Sport and Game which we all love so much.

So to all past and present Pool Players, Promoters and Tour enthusiasts alike... now is the time to separate all views and feelings regarding all the years gone by, take all conflicts of interest from the past, push them completely to one side and lets make a fresh start.

I do fully believe that we can achieve what we all wished for at one point or another over the years.

Now is our chance to make a change for the better.

I am David Poole, Members Assigned Manager and Spokesperson for The Pool Knight Shack in Dublin. I hope to hear from each and every player, promoter and general supporter who is still interested in the great game of Pool and who want to support a new and United Players Organisation for 2011 onwards.

I have managed to speak with and receive the full support of a number of you already, including the backing of major Pool Associations and Federations.

My contact information is below so please get in touch ASAP...

Thank you for you time...

Yours in Pool,

PHONE: 0872381202 (00353872381202) (+353872381202)



FACEBOOK: Pool Knight Shack

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