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The good old days!!!!!!!
Date: April 15, 2010 08:06PM
here is a list of all players that have played on the irish tour at some point,although some are overseas players. If we had a quarter of these at events we would be flying!!!!!

Akellis, Tadas
Armstrong, Eugene

Baker, J
Beatie, Daryl
Beatie, Chris
Bell, Ryan
Berrie, Richard
Bingham, Colin
Blackstock, Craig
Bonner, Paul
Bonner, Sean
Boyle, Ronnie
Boyle, Ciaran
Boyle, Declan
Boyle, Paul
Brandley, Michael
Brown, Chris
Brown, Charles
Brown, John
Brown, Shane
Brown, Colin
Buckley, Darren
Bujniewicz, Piotr
Burke, Alan
Burton, Tony
Byrne, Manny
Byrne, Conor
Byrne, Tristan
Byrne, Callum

Caldwell, Alex
Campbell, Gerry
Campbell, Daniel
Campbell, Paul
Canavan, Paul
Canning, Paul
Canning, Alastair
Capeldi, Stevie
Carlice, Dave
Carr, Ciaran
Carville, Tommy
Casey, Greg
Catley, Gerard
Chapzitheuharis, Achileas
Cherry, Paul
Christie, Raymond
Cochrane, Neil
Cole, Darren
Condron, Ian
Cook, Simon
Corrigan, Damian
Corrigan, Paul
Corrigan, Tony
Cotter, Alasdair
Cotter, Dermott
Coyle, Paul
Craig, Brian
Creamin, Dave
Cronin, Kevin
Crowe, Alan
Cuff, Michael
Cunningham, Barry

Davis, Paul
Davison, Chris
Deegan, Gareth
Deery, Tony
Devlin, Aidan
Dillon, Ronan
Dines, William
Dinsmore, Fred
Diver, Paul
Diver, Daniel
Doherty, Peter
Doherty, Martin
Doherty, Mark
Doherty, Paddy
Donnelly, Niall
Donnelly, Sean
Doran, Dave
Doran, Geoff
Dorrian, David
Doyle, Seamus
Doyle, Terry
Duffy, Anthony
Dunbar, G
Dunn, Geoff

Eakin, Willie
Earley, Mikey
Earley, John
Edmond, Billy
Elliman, Gerald
Ennis, Enda

Fagan, George
Fay, Ronan
Fay, Ciaran
Fay, Frank
Fee, Rab
Feehan, Darren
Ferguson, Stephen
Field, Raymond
Field, Dermott
Field, Trevor
Finn, Mike
Finnery, Aiden
Fleming, Niall
Furax, Ron

Gahan, Eddie
Gallagher, Cathal
Gargan, Mark
Garland, Aiden
Geraghty, Gavin
Gibney, Adam
Gibson, Sam
Gibson, Richard
Gilcrest, Colm
Gilmore, John
Ginn, Anthony
Girvan, Joe
Gorman, Billy
Gorman, Daniel
Graham, Mark
Grant, Jonathan
Griffiths, Iorwerth
Grimes, Martin
Grogan, James

Haigney, John
Hall, Vernon
Hall, Mark
Hammond, John
Hanlon, Nick
Hanlon, Charlie
Hanlon, Daniel
Hanlon, Joey
Haugen, Thomas
Hayden, Anthony
Hayden, Olly
Heaney, Paul
Hearne, Barry
Hegarty, Sean
Hempkin, Stephen
Hennessy, Stephen
Higgins, Alex
Hodge, Chris
Hoey, Sean
Holmes, Colin
Holtz, Pat
Horan, Steven
Howard, Colm
Hughes, Declan
Hughes, Martin
Hull, Lee
Hutton, Brian

Ingram, Sean

Jack, Davy
Jeronimidis, Andy
Jin, Tommy
Johnston, Stephen
Johnston, Gary
Jones, Ean
Judge, Sean

Kasmauskis, Vilius
Kavagh, Martin
Keane, Barry
Keaneally, Kieran
Keany, David
Keenan, Niall
Kelly, Liam
Kelly, Michael
Kelly, Daniel
Kelly, Colin
Kelly, Stephen
Kennedy, John
Kennedy, David
Kerrane, Billy
Kiely, Hugh
Kierczek, Janus
Killiehand, Christopher
Kilmartin, Mike
King, Terry
King, Peter
Kirkland, Don
Kirwin, Gareth
Kotlorz, Justyna
Kovacs, Steve
Kuiten, Hanns

Largey, Dean
Lawrenson, Matt
Louge, Peter
Loughran, Barry
Loughran, Shane
Loughran, Paul
Lynch, Padraic
Lynn, Tracey

Magee, John
Mahalik, Peter
Mallon, Rory
Mallon, Eddie
Martin, Shane
Martin, Carl
Martin, Ryan
Martin, Thomas
Massey, Coilean
Mathews, Joe
McBride, Sean
McCann, Dillon
McCann, Cormac
McCarney, Barry
McCarney, Kevin
McCauley, Deryl
McClafferty, Noel
McClafferty, Phelim
McClements, David
McCloskey, Gerry
McClure, Liam
McColgan, Eamon
McComoney, Philip
McConnell, Trevor
McConville, Declan
McCormack, Paul
McCourt, Shane
McCullough, Michael
McDaid, Niall
McDermott, Brendan
McDermott, Niall
McDonagh, Brendan
McDonald, Mark
McElhinney, Connor
McElveen, James
McElvoy, Damien
McGill, John
McGillen, Mark
McGinley, John
McGivern, Tony
McGowan, Padraig
McGrath, Ronan
McGrath, Paddy
McGuire, Paul
McIntyre, Padraig
McKay, Paul
McKee, Ciaran
McKeever, Joe
McKenna, Declan
McLaughlin, Paddy
McLaughlin, Michael
McLaughlin, Seamus
McLaughlin, Kevin
McLaughlin, Stephen
McMackin, Adam
McMahon, John
McMahon, Damian
McMahon, Declan
McMahon, Kieran
McMoran, Ben
McQuaid, Tommy
McQuillan, Niall
McQuillan, Michael
McQuillan, Jim
McQuillan, Jennifer
McQuillan, David
McShane, Glen
McShane, Gavin
McSherry, Colm
McSherry, John
McVeigh, Liam
McVeigh, Martin
Meagher, Terrance
Melling, Chris
Monaghan, Kevin
Monaghan, Warrant
Mooney, Declan
Moore, David
Moran, Niall
Mullan, Thomas
Murphy, Charles (RIP)
Murphy, Adrian
Murphy, Noel
Murphy, Paddy
Murran, Niall
Murray, Mickey

Neeson, Mark
Nolan, Kevin

O'Brien, Frances
O'Brien, John
O'Connor, Sean
O'Donnell, Colm
O'Driscoll, Eoin
O'Driscoll, Joe
O'Hara, Dave
O'Hara, Michael
O'Hara, Shane
O'Hare, Jim
O'Hare, Kevin
O'Leary, David
O'Leary, Paul
O'Neill, Paddy
O'Reilly, Declan
O'Rourke, Jason
O'Sullivan, Barry
Oliver, Dave
Oliver, Mark
Osmanagic, Elmedin
O’Brien, David
O’Hanlon, Shane
O’Leary, Pat
O’Shea, John

Paluch, Rafal
Patterson, Jason
Peach, Daryl
Pechacek, Peter
Peoples, Martin
Pinchuk, Maksim
Pollock, Jimmy
Poole, David
Porter, Phillip
Pugh, Kevin

Quinn, Steven
Quinn, Gareth
Quinn, Jim

Rafferty, Anthony
Rain, Darran
Rautiainen, Timo
Rennicks, Nigel
Richards, Tee-Jay
Roche, Tom
Rooney, Stephen
Rosales, Gregg
Rowe, John
Russell, Paul
Ryan, Mickey

Saunders, Gareth
Savage, Martin
Scott, Barry
Sheehan, Mickey
Sheridan, Brian
Simpson, Ross
Sittlington, Chris
Sloan, Pierce
Smith, Kevin
Smith, Eddie
Smyth, Dylan
Stars, P J
Stewart, Uel
Stone, Ollivier
Strawbridge, Paul
Sweeney, Niall
Sweeney, D

Talent, Tam
Tavia, Charlie
Taylor, James
Tener, Philip
Terrance, Billy
Thomas, Carl
Tierney, Paul
Tierney, Phil
Todd, Raymond
Todd, Nathan
Trotter, Alistair

Vecker, Peter

Wall, Vernon
Walsh, Leslie
Walsh, Darren
Waters, Pedro
Weatherall, Jeff
Welsh, Paul
Wheatley, Brian
White, Malaghy
Whitman, Ethan
Whoriskey, Martin
Williams, Pete
Wilson, Brian
Wilson, Davy
Wilson, Mark
Wims, John
Winters, James
Woodrow, Brian
Woods, Gerald
Zaheer, Faizan
Zrarkezily, Nikola

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Re: The good old days!!!!!!!
Date: April 15, 2010 08:38PM
That's a heck of a list and I'm going to see if it's possible to try and encourage a few more players from this corner pocket of the country, to give the tour events a try smiling smiley

I have been trying to get in contact with some of the players via facebook, etc, but it is a difficult task when alot of players don't use the internet much and/or aren't on those sites, but at the same time it is worth the effort because it's only right and fair that we all do our best to give more players the opportunity to compete on the tour so that they can have a fair shot at winning some bankroll and to enjoy competing again smiling smiley


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Re: The good old days!!!!!!!
Date: April 15, 2010 10:08PM
ive got in contact with peter doherty, just waiting on a reply

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Re: The good old days!!!!!!!
Date: April 16, 2010 07:55AM
well done paddy good list!!!

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Re: The good old days!!!!!!!
Date: April 16, 2010 10:35AM
Nice one Paddy, perhaps Brian "Woody" Woodrow and some of the other guys from Derry would be up for competing on the new tour? smiling smiley

I can't remember which club in Antrim that Paul "Lurch" McCormick plays snooker at, otherwise I'd have already called and left a message for him to get in contact with me.

Either way, it'd be awesome to see alot of the players from the previous tour coming to play on the new tour as well as plenty of new players smiling smiley


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Re: The good old days!!!!!!!
Date: April 16, 2010 12:41PM
paul plays in the fountain snooker club in antrim

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Re: The good old days!!!!!!!
Date: April 16, 2010 01:41PM
Cheers Paddy, I'll give the place a call later or tomorrow and see if he still plays there and if he'd like to play on the tour.

Does anyone else on the forum know of how to contact any of the players above, apart from the late Charles Murphy, (May he RIP).

The more players the merrier and the better for us all smiling smiley


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