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Date: April 13, 2010 09:53AM
Good news i just got word that Mcdermott cues will be coming to the thrid event on june 6 they are sending rep over,with a cue for the tour we can raffle it of or put it up as part of the prize all input to do with cue will help.The they are giving us is called the Dubliner retails for $500 so not to bad i think the best thing would be to raffle it of as we need as much money as we can get to get orther things for tour.By the time the thrid event comes i hope to have a full listing of all the event for the year.Also its 25 for members and 30 for non members, membership is 25 per year this has to be paid in full if someone pays 30 it does not mean they have paid 5 off there membership also only full paid members will be given points towards winning cue at end of year. Here is the top eight players so far
1 Paddy mclouglin 25pts
2 Gareath Deegan 20pts
3 Adian Finnerty 15pts
4 Dan Gorman 15pts
5 Gerard Elliman 10pts
6 Willie Dines 10pts
7 Paul Tierney 10pts
8 Shaun Ingrim 10pts
The rest of the paid up members have 5pts good luck to all player and hope to see a few more players at the rest of the event, Downeys will be holding 2 events one in aug and 0ne in oct hope to get a couple more places for us to play if any player knows of any places that we could hold events please let me know thanks Sam

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