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Date: March 04, 2005 02:02PM
to Gareth deegan,

hi Gareth, from joe, sam representing Club 9, we would just like to say hello as we have just registered with your forum,hope to chat to you soon,by the way that last match we played was a tough one hope to get you next time.

cheers joe/sam

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Re: introduction
Date: March 04, 2005 04:28PM
Joe and Sam,

Its good to have two real pool players on the Forum. If you guys want any of your tournaments or other events publicised on, just post them here and Iíll put them on our Tournaments page.

Next time Iím on my way to Belfast Iíll drop in and shoot a few racks.

All the best,

Gareth Deegan

Gareth Deegan

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