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EPBF vice-president to head the Great British Pool Association
Date: November 23, 2009 11:26AM
Interesting things are a foot across the water. David Morris, the vice-president of the EPBF, has set up the Great British Pool Association (GBPA) which will represent the pool players of Great Britain.

Their stated intentions for 2010 are:

National championships in all categories
Promoting and creating events for the youth including girls
Promoting and creating events for seniors & ladies
Helping the wheelchair division
Helping GB9

All players participating at GBPA events and international events i.e. Eurotour/EC/WC/EPBF or WPA sanctioned events will be required to be a member of the GBPA for the coming year 2010. They have also said that they are going to work closely with the successful GB9 pro tour.

With David Morris as president, it looks like the GBPA will be one of the most influential pool associations in Europe, and set a firm base for pool in GB, similar to whats happened in Germany and the Netherlands.

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