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The best shot I've ever lost a match to.
Date: August 29, 2009 09:35PM
I was playing a match on the Pro Tour last Saturday against Paul “The Cannon” Canavan. It was a close match and both of us were playing well, despite the odd error. After 16 racks it was “hill-hill”. Paul was left with the 10Ball on the rail, an inch or so down from the side pocket. The position of the cue-ball meant it was impossible to play a single-bank without a double-kiss.

So Paul calls the nearest side pocket to the 10Ball and plays a double-bank-shot, relying on the pace of the ball to dig into the far cushion and come back at an acute angle. Most of us have played that shot at some point, and even more of us have fluked it, but this was hill-hill, 10ball is call-pocket and if he had missed he would have lost the match. So it goes down in my book as the best shot I've ever lost a match to. Congrats to the Cannon.

Gareth Deegan

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Re: The best shot I've ever lost a match to.
Date: August 30, 2009 06:37AM
I saw that shot also and it was definitely a Cannon Classic smiling smiley

There is a nack to playing that shot though, the shot is made, by shooting on the 10 1/2 ball, with about 1.5 tip from centre of inside english smiling smiley

The english will take effect on the object ball on the 2nd raill and make the 10 reverse back towards the side pocket smiling smiley

Practice makes perfect smiling smiley


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