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*** Changes to the Forum ***
Date: February 28, 2005 03:47PM
Firstly, a big thanks to all the people who have contributed a lot to the forum recently. Most of our regular posters have caught on that the forum needs to improve the content of its threads, which is good to see.

That said, today I’ve had to delete a load of posts from newbies, some of which might be considered libellous. I simply don’t have time to ‘moderate’ this forum 24/7, and would much prefer to read threads that are interesting than those that might get the website closed down. If this forum needs ‘moderating’, I’ll just shut it down and keep the website going, as it’s a lot less hassle.

So now that the forum is well established, you need to register as a user in order to post to the forum. (Most of our regulars already have). If you have any problems registering, contact me. It won’t stop people messing around but it'll make it a bit easier to administrate.

Keep posting,

Gareth Deegan

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