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Open letter to ronnie boyle
Date: October 04, 2008 10:42AM
4th october 2008.
Hi Ronnie,
Thank you for your recent correspondence,but i would like to straighten out a couple of points.
I do not need your permission to get on ANY BUS.(you have stated on your letter that i do).
If the E.P.B.F has fined me E100 for getting on the bus ,after Paul Tierney asked the driver if it was ok,then forward me the official e.p.b.f email you received and i will pay it.
If they give me their details i will pay it electronically into their account. That wont be a problem.For as i am aware, people are having some problems getting receipts from you.
What i do have a problem WITH ,is that in your letter you have stated "At no time did i(meaning your good self ) state to you or paul tierney you where (you slipped in an extra "h" there )banded (thats your spelling by the way) from ireland's 8 & 9 ball pooltour.... these allegations and lies was (you should change was to ...were) advertised on a public forum".
If u read what i posted on september the 12th AGAIN. you will notice i did not SAY you told me i was banned.I said "ive heard unoffically there are two SENIOR members banned from the irish tour"....my point being, you went behind our backs and told stevie johnstone-who was organising that event , that we were banned and we were not allowed to play in the senior event THE NEXT DAY...rather than contact us directly and tell us yourself.
THEN you have the cheek to fine both myself and paul tierney E100 "FOR MAKING FALSE ALLEGATIONS AND LIES on a public forum taking the game into disrepute and then threatening me with being banned for good if i post the truth on the forum again.
I rang stevie johnstone this morning and he stands by what he said earlier...you told him over the phone that myself and paul tierney were not allowed to enter the seniors event in belfast on september 13th , the DAY AFTER I POSTED ON THE FORUM. because we were banned.So i think you would need to take a step back ronnie and look at the facts........THERE WERE NO FALSE ACCUSATIONS OR LIES MADE BY MYSELF OR PAUL TIERNEY ON THOSE POSTS ..IT IS ALL TRUTH..STEVIE JOHNSTONE IS PREPARED TO STAND BY HIS WORD. so i dont know where this 100 euro fine you are imposing is about.I find it funny actually.
I have kept the emails we have sent to each other and if anyone wants to see my replies (or the letter you sent me)i have no problem forwarding them on, as i have nothing to hide.

This is the contents of an email i sent you on the 13th september 08 :
Rb one question.did you tell big Stevie –when u rang him to find out how many seniors entered tourney.that me and paul tierney weren’t allowed to play?


ps..... where would these E100 fines you impose actually go?i think i will let everyone else make their own opinion on these matters.

The reason i am posting on this public forum is so that people can see what is going on, and they can form their own opinions.AND YES IT DOES INVOLVE EVERYONE .This is not a personal matter .THIS IS ABOUT THE WAY YOU ARE CONDUCTING BUSINESS AS "ORGANISER" OF iRELAND'S 8 & 9 BALL POOL TOUR.

Regards............Paul Strawbridge

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