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Great Jump Shot
Date: February 24, 2005 09:13AM
Just asking did anyone see Ronnie's jump shot in the final last Sat where he potted the 7ball aswell as spinning back for the 8?

Just a pity he missed that 8ball straight after it though...

Good shot Ron,


Willie 'The Wizard' Dines
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Re: Great Jump Shot
Date: February 25, 2005 02:00AM
Hi Baz, I hope you're keeping well me freind.

A jump ashot can be played correctly in 2 different ways.

the first is to use a jump-cue with a hard cut tip and then 'jack-up' the stick at roughly 30* and then strike the cue slightly below centre and if you follow through correctly, the cueball should then clear over the impeeding ball, but remember that the closer the obstructing ball is, the higher you have to 'jack-up' and the harder you have to hit the shot to make it.

the second way is with a regular cue stick and again 'jack-up', but not as high and shoot a 'Force Draw' shot, but this is a jump shot for when you're hitting the 'Ball On' to make the cueball jump over another ball to gain position on the next ball.

there's a few other types of jump shot, but I will not go into detail as it's better to show this and it'll cost ya!

Anyway... All the best everyone and I'll see you soon!


P.S. It sounds like it was a nice jump shot, Well done Ron, But unlucky in the finals.

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Re: Great Jump Shot
Date: February 25, 2005 02:13AM
"strike the cue slightly below centre "

Baz, please don't do this. I'm no expert like Willie but I'm pretty sure you will only damage the cue and may injure yourself!

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