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8 ball-''It's not snooker''! (un-gentlemanly conduct/sportmanship)
Date: August 31, 2008 08:30PM
Just wondering does anyone have an opinion on these things...

Sometimes I get a bit of stick for snookering people while playing 8 ball in my local in Dublin-''it's not snooker'' etc..-i don't mind not doing it if the other player gets upset but i'm just wondering what the general consensus is-I appreciate that it's negative play and all but I still think it's part of the game,especially if you're five balls behind!

I know that house rules apply wherever you go but does anyone else agree that shooting back table on a foul(when white is potted) is dodgy conduct?

Does anyone know what the story is when you pot a red and a yellow/stripe and spot off the break-it's your go again right?

When the white goes down and it's your 2 shots-can you pot into a middle pocket or do you have to shoot past the middle pockets?

Some people play that you lose the game if you foul on the black ball-or you get three chances-well some people i play with say that you both have to be on the black before you're in danger of losing the game off a foul on the black which i think is more fair-opinions?

Finally-again I know it depends on house rules but I reckon,irrespective of last ball last pocket/sides that nominating on the black every time is better than pick and stick because if someone can't close the deal and leaves the black hanging right on the edge of 'their' pocket when playing pick and stick that it's pretty rubbish that you should lose the game for that?


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Re: 8 ball-''It's not snooker''! (un-gentlemanly conduct/sportmanship)
Date: September 02, 2008 09:18AM
Hi Jonny,

Welcome to the Irish Pool forum. It's not unsportsmanlike if its in legal in the rules. All cuesports have rules about whats unsportsmanlike and what isn't. If a group of players donít like a particular shot or style of play then make a rule to cover it.

I'm not best qualified to answer your specific questions about English 8-ball. I play American 8-Ball, where the rules about fouling are straightforward (you get 'cueball in hand', end of story). But you have raised one of the problems with english 8-ball. There are a myriad of rule versions (and thatís before you get to house rules).

Hopefully someone will answer your other questions.

Gareth Deegan

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