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Free Live Streaming Challenge Match
Date: August 14, 2008 02:29AM
OTBnTV is proud to announce it's 1st free live streaming

The Challenge Match on August 22, 2008. The Battle of Montana.
It will air at 8 PM Eastern - 7 PM Central - 6 PM Mountain and 5 PM Pacific Time

The challengers are Jack Madden vs. Jeff Boucher

The game is 10-Ball - The race is 21 - Alternating Break

For information on Jack Madden click [www.johnmaddencues.com]

Jeff Boucher is a 4 time Montana State MCMOA Champion. Jeff most recently finished 2nd in Masters in Las Vegas at the BCAPL Nationals this past May. To watch Jeff play Stan Tourangeau in the finals of the Holiday Classic November 2007 [www.onthebreaknews.com]

View the poster here: [www.onthebreaknews.com]

Please put the poster up at your favorite bar, lounge, tavern, pool hall or anyplace you play pool, so others may watch also. We appreciate your help with this.

Pass the word and forward this to your friends.

You can help support OTBnTV Live we have t-shirts and they are available at [www.onthebreaknews.com]
You can also watch the free live streaming at this link.
Friday night at 8 pm eastern

Thank you for your help and hope to see you there. This will be a live free stream through Ustream. Log in to the chat room and speak your piece.

Thank you for your help and support,
Don Akerlow, OTBnTV Live

John Madden
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Re: Free Live Streaming Challenge Match
Date: August 21, 2008 12:29AM

Since you have a Madden cue, you may like to check out the broadcast. There will be 4 Madden cues (Jeff has a playing cue and a break cue as does the cuemaker). It free and should be entertaining. And this IRISHMAN needs some support. fyi, do you know there were more Irishman in Butte, Montana than any place in the world except Ireland when the mining in Butte (the richest hill in the world) was going full tilt.

Take care,

John Madden

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