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Team Ireland
Date: July 08, 2008 06:28PM
If there is anyone that would like to view the full list of players representing Ireland at the 2008 European Pool Championships can do so by visiting the following website www.epbf.com and click on European Championships on top right-hand-side and then click on meet the players followed by the country……..

There will be over fifty 9ft pool tables set-up in the playing arena for these European Championships involving 39 European Countries playing in the following categories Men, Women, Seniors, Wheelchair, Ladies, Juniors, Pupils, Girls, playing in the following disciplines 8ball, 9ball, 14.1 and team events……

By going into the website www.epbf.com everyone can keep up to date with LIVE COVERAGE regarding all players…….

All players representing Ireland are asked to go into the website www.epbf.com and update there own player profile and if anyone needs a photo just email me on irelandsamericancuesports@yahoo.co.uk

More details and photos on the players representing Ireland will be advertised on this website nearer the

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