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Live GB9 Yorkshire Cup
Date: July 04, 2008 04:57PM
As a bit of an early warning the GB9 Yoprkshire Cup 2008 will be broadcast LIVE and Excluisve on Cuesport TV.

The tournament takes place over the weekend of 12th/13th July 2008 and features some of the world best players including Tony Drago and 2007 World 9-ball Champion Daryl Peach.

It is free to view you will simply have to register!

I hope some of you can join us

Pete Williams
Cuesport TV Ltd
+44 1305 822132
+44 7842 600912

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Re: Live GB9 Yorkshire Cup
Date: July 06, 2008 12:21PM
Hey Pete, how are ya buddy?

I'll definitely check it out as it'll be interesting to see how the tourney will fair out.

I'll check out the Cuesport TV site and see what's what, thanks for the heads up.


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