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Date: June 22, 2008 09:28AM
I'm pleased to announce that from today onwards, Reds and Yellows pool will have its own dedicated forum on this site.

The original concept behind (formerly was to promote American pool in Ireland. With the amount of crossover of players between American pool and English 8-ball it's understandable that this forum gets a lot of posts about both. I have no problem with this, as promoting all cuesports is a good thing.

The concept behind remains the same (promoting American Pool), and several players have suggested to me that new visitors coming to the forum might be confused as to what the site is trying to achieve.

To get the new forum started I'll transfer over existing 8-ball posts. Reds and Yellows is extremely popular in Ireland and its my intention to give the 'Reds and Yellows' forum its own dedicated site in the coming months.

I would be pleased to hear any comments and suggestions on the above.

Gareth Deegan

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