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Will do a post for you, friends! For FREE!
Date: April 09, 2008 10:08PM

Friends, I've received some inquiries about placing items of interest
to pool players and billiard fans back at my site - [url][/url] - FOR FREE!

I will gladly put up a post about your personal pool- and/or
billiard-related announcements and advisories (e.g., club tournaments and
competitions), or anything for sale or trade (e.g., personal pool cues and
personal billiard accessories) back at my site,

Please do not hesitate to email me at
Just send me an email with the following details:

1. the pics attached or links to the pics,

2. a description of what you want to be posted (date of the event/s,
item description, price of items up for sale, etc.)

3. your contact info (i.e., forum affiliation/membership, email address,
and/or phone for the prospective buyers and all)

After receiving your email, I will gladly put it up your post (or do one
for you!) No fees! No commissions! No strings attached! No nothing!
It's about spreading info about the sport that we love so much.
And if it's a personal billiard-related item for sale - it's like having a free
ad, friends! Again, No fees! No commissions! No strings attached!
No nothing! And I kid you not!

My site has a PageRank of 4 (going into 5 soon - hopefully smiling smiley ), and
currently receives visitors from more than 150 countries and as such
- could be another medium of disseminating info about our events and
items that interest us all.

Much thanks, friends!


smiling smiley

Mabuhay from the Philippines!
The AnitoKid

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