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Date: January 14, 2004 01:45PM


Congrats on winning the League,
Do you know if the competition is on this month in the plex?
What is the Palace like for a game of pool, I've alot of good reports, Have you been practing much,

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Re: Plex
Date: January 17, 2004 04:50PM

Its my understanding, that there won't be a competition this month in the plex. If that changes I'll let you know. I think there may be a new league starting soon though. If I get any news of either, I'll stick it up on our Tournaments page.

I haven't been practicing much (working too hard winking smiley). According to Mark, the Palace could start holding 9-ball tourneys in a few weeks time. I think they've put in 2 more tables (brings it to 17) and resurfaced a few more too. I must have a look in there soon.

I was chatting with Ronnie Boyle of Ireland's 9-Ball Tour. The U-21 tournament will be held in Downey's Pool Bar, Derry on the 31st, Jan. I don't think the entry cost will be that expensive. You should enter, and kick ass.


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