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1000 cash paid out at Club 9
Date: July 31, 2007 12:32PM
1000 match result

Well done to young hotshot Matt Lawrenson who took up Sam Gibson's offer to play for a 1000 cash at Club 9 on Sunday.

Matt was delighted to take up the challange at Club 9 and turned up on Sunday ready to take on Sam Gibson.

First set was race to 11, it was a tough battle neck and neck then sam took a 10-8 lead but Matt kept his cool and won the next three in a row.

Second set was again tight at 6-6 then young Matt ran rack after rack and was flawless leaving Sam in the chair as Matt didn't miss a ball he was brilliant on the day.

post match interview Matt remarked that Club 9 was the best Pool venue that he had ever come across and that he would be back as a frequent player to the events and cash matches,"the players and staff at Club 9 hospitality was tremendous with free tea and coffee and practise time I can't wait till I come back soon".

Club 9 would like to thank Matt for taking up Sam's offer to play for the 1000, to come to a Pool venue that you had never played before and play the in house Pro on a Sunday afternoon For a 1000 cash takes something a little bit special and Matt sure has that, he has a great future.

Sam is now offering another 1000 match at Club 9 in the next couple of weeks so all are welcome as before.

once again well done Matt, 1000 cash for a couple of hours on a sunday afternoon at club 9 not a bad return on your way home.

Club 9 will be hosting a 9 ball tournament this Saturday 4th August, details will be posted soon

club 9 sports reporter

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Re: 1000 cash paid out at Club 9
Date: July 31, 2007 01:31PM
Phew!!! Nice one Matt!

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