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Slippery wrap, and fat butts
Date: July 22, 2007 05:13AM
Hello everyone,

Ronnie, congrats on the new developments with the tour.

I bought a predator last year, but I find the wrap very slippery, and prefer the feel of the slimmer butt when I played with a snooker cue.
Anyone feel the same, any solutions to help with the slippery wrap situation, and has anyone had a cue made with a narrower butt.



paddy number 1
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Re: Slippery wrap, and fat butts
Date: July 22, 2007 08:52PM
if u wana play with a predator shaft i suggest u get a shaft with no joint in it and take it to a cuemaker who will make u a slimmer butt and it will be more like a snoker cue with z shaft/314

or go back to your old cue

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Re: Slippery wrap, and fat butts
Date: July 23, 2007 05:32AM
Something that could be done for the wrap is, that you get access to lathe somewhere. And put a clear coat of some epoxy or urethane finish on it. This is used by meucci. And atleast for me it helps. Tho my wrap was slippery in the first place. But with time. It ain't that slippery anymore. And I do have a semi slip stroke. So that ain't too big problem.

For the fat butt. Can't really help there. Never heard about modifying the taper of the butt. Could guess that cuemakers should be able to do it easily. Also means that you need to rewrap the cue then. But hey, it would also take the problem with wrap away.

-- Just my few cents

- Timo

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