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Tournament Betting:
Date: July 10, 2007 02:40PM

Tournament Betting

At the minute most of the players listed below have already entered this category one event and some players has still to confirm....

As new and different players enter we will add there name and there tournament price to the list…...

NOTE:---- no bets will be accepted until payment is made and once the draw takes place on Saturday morning 21st July these prices could change (for better or worse)…..contact 07776365059 or from Rep of Ireland (0044) 7776365059 for all entries and betting…


The following players will be the eight seeds for these Co. Down Open 8Ball Championship and if anyone of them pull out the next player on the rankings who enters will be added to the seeds:-----(cut-off date for seeds & entries is thursday 19th July 2007)…

1. Alan Mc Bennett (Cavan)

2. Damien Corrigan (Tyrone)

3. Billy Moore (Antrim)

4. David Mc Quillan (Cavan)

5. Ben Mc Moran (Tyrone)

6. Stephen Dempsey (Cavan)

7. Ronnie Boyle (Tyrone)

8. Gareth Quinn (Tyrone)


Stephen Dempsey 6/4

Alan Mc Bennett 3/1

Damien Corrigan 5/1

John Mc Mahon 7/1

Gavin Geraghty 7/1

Lee Hull 8/1

Billy Moore 8/1

Nigel Craig 8/1

James Mc Donald 8/1

Gerald Elliman 8/1

Manny Byrne 8/1

Declan Mc Mahon 8/1

Tristan Byrne 10/1

Jim Quinn 10/1

David Mc Quillan 10/1

Seamus Doyle 12/1

Connor Mc Cooey 14/1

Brian Curtis 14/1

Ryan Craig 14/1

Ben Mc Moran 14/1

Chris Beattie 14/1

Paul Heaney 14/1

Ronan Fay 14/1

Mark Ward 14/1

Daniel Gorman 14/1

Billy Gorman 14/1

Seamus Mc Ardle (jun) 14/1

Niall Mc Daid 14/1

Gareth Quinn 14/1

Paul Corrigan 14/1

Mark Stockton 16/1

Johnny Beggs 16/1

Darren Mc Ardle 16/1

Daryl Beatie 20/1

Charlie Hanlon 20/1

Ronnie Boyle 25/1

Gary Mullan 25/1

Enda Ennis 25/1

Mark Doherty 25/1

Andrew Patterson 25/1

Noel Murphy 25/1

Daniel Hanlon 25/1

Other Prices On Request !!!!!!

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Re: Tournament Betting:
Date: July 12, 2007 09:02PM
Ronnie Boyle 25/1..... ill have a punt on that!!

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