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Coming back smiling smiley
Date: June 27, 2007 01:45AM
Forgot to send my leaving from Ireland post earlier this year... But, now I'm coming back smiling smiley Can't stay away...

Will be back in Dublin around middle of July. And trying to head to games as soon as possible. And how my work calendar gives me time. But I will be seen in Newry, propably during the first weekend i get free time. Can't actually wait to get to Jim's place. Always forgot to thank you in there. You've been great help when I have stayed around the area. Same goes to all great guys and ladies who live and play there.

Ronnie, I know that I promised that the 8-ball event would have been my last in near future. But now I gotta break it. Just hope that this time I get more time to practice. Cause you Irish players... Are better than average players. Maybe I could learn something winking smiley Or keep banging my head against wall.

-- Timo

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