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Club 9 results and report 9 ball tournament
Date: June 10, 2007 10:02AM
Results and report club 9 open 9 ball tournament

The sun was shining and club 9 was like a pressure cooker as Ireland's finest pool players battled against each other for the cash payout, Stephen and Gary johnston, Sam Gibson, paul Canavan, the Field brothers, Dermott mcConville, Tristen Byrne,Paddy mclaughlin, Billy Gorman and many more competed with top notch pool being displayed throughout the day.
Jump, bank and spin shots were the order of the day as the players moved through the early stages but a few players caught the eye of one punter, Raymond Fields and Tristen Byrne,Tristen was playing pro pool as he disposed off Paddy McLoughlin and the bear an achievement in itself,next up was Sam Gibson the punter got on Tristen to beat Sam at 2/1 with a 50 wager,Tristen didn't disapoint with a superb performance against Sam to win comfortably and put a smile on the punters face.Raymond Fields was flying through the rounds and he also beat Sam with a tight 9-7 win to clinch 3rd spot and in the money.Paul "the Cannon" Canavan was in free flow and playing dynamite pool running rack after rack and was no surprise to anyone to go through straight to the finals whilst Tristen made he way through the b side of the double elimination to meet Paul in the finals.
Tristen flew out of the traps with a 4-1 lead and Paul was like a rabbit in the headlights, he was simply stunned, Tristen was ozzing confidence and Paul the Cannon was firing blanks at the start but Paul gained composure and applied all his training at Club 9 and rack by rack started to chip away at Tristen's lead and staged a fantastic comeback to win the tournament and the cash.
Well done to the players who came to Club 9 and mixed it with the best and cashed in, Tristen and Raymond could of won this if lady luck had of been a little bit kinder on the day.

winner Paul Canavan
runner up Tristen Byrne
3rd place Raymon Fields

Shot of the Day goes to Sam Gibson, 7 ball over the pocket, cue ball9 feet away straight line with 8 ball on the cush beside cue ball, Sam shoots pots the 7 ball and screws back 9 foot up the table with perfect postioning on the 8 ball to run out and win the game, the field brothers watched in amazement as shots like that are usually only seen on T.V at the world championships if your'e lucky.

So well done and thanks to all those who turned up at club 9 it is much appreciated.

club 9 sports ed

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