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club 9 tables redone for the tournaments
Date: June 08, 2007 04:25PM
By the way just want to let all player's know that the playing conditions in club-9 are virtually perfect and are like T.V. conditions as the tables have been leveled again:
As some of you may know and even experienced in a major championship before, it's a real pleasure to play on such top notch tables like Gold Crown 4s just leveled with double shimed tight pockets, with new Simonis 860 championship cloth,the right lighting and a good set of championship Aramith balls.Enjoy!!

For all those who haven't experienced Club 9 Pool Venue, Club 9 would like to invite you to try out the gold Crowns for some free practise.

Remember 9 ball open tournament tomorrow Saturday 9th June at Club 9.

many thanks
Club 9 sports reporter

dean largey
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Re: club 9 tables redone for the tournaments
Date: June 09, 2007 12:16PM
free practise on gold crown is brilliant!!
if i get a chance i might come down and hit a few with bear or dan!!
ps yes club 9 a great venue i was there before and everyone willing to help with cue repairs, advice etc...

Dean Largey

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