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Ireland's Pub Pool Players 8-Ball Pool Tour (reds & yellows):
Date: April 23, 2007 09:31PM
Ireland’s Pub Players 8-Ball Pool Tour

Ireland’s Pub Players 8-Ball Pool Tour will be cueing off its new 8-ball pool tour (reds & yellows) on Saturday 19th May 2007 when the Ulster Open 8Ball Pub Players Pool Championship takes place in the Coach Inn venue Omagh Co. Tyrone with two time slots in operation 10-am and 2-pm……

Please read below for all information regarding the tour with a full list of dates and venues announced shortly so in the mean time if anyone wants to enter the first event or requires more information can do so by contacting any of the contact details listed below….

All Ireland Pub Players 8-Ball Pool Tour

The All Ireland Pub Players 8-Ball Pool Tour is a new tour (reds & yellows) set in place and is open to all amateur pool players throughout the 32 counties. This new 8-ball tour (reds & yellows) will be played in Hotels and Pub venues north and south of the border with each tournament having four or more pool tables used, and played to the following formats…….

1. There will be 12 tournaments taking place on the tour with one tournament being staged once a month in the following categories…..Six Premier Events and Six Category one Events with different value of ranking points….. (information stated on the website www.irelands9balltour.com click on the 8-ball site on the top of the main page)…

2. All tournaments will be played on one day (Saturday) unless second day is needed which will be the next day (Sunday) ………..this will depend on the number of players who enter and the number of tables used for each event.

3. Each tournament will carry a official set of ranking points for this new 8-ball tour (8 seeded players for each tournament) and there will be official website link from Ireland’s American 8 & 9 Ball Pool Tour which is www.irelands9balltour.com covering all photo’s, reports, rankings, player profiles just to mention a few.

4. All events will be played to World Rules with two new rules added to the All Ireland Pub Players 8-Ball Pool Tour.
(a). all players will lac for break in each match…….…..(b). The skill shot will also be added………..

5. The organisers of the All Ireland Pub Players 8-Ball Pool Tour has the right to set and change the rules when need be at any time for the benefit of the tour and its players, but they will let everyone know well in advance. …..

6. There will also be a ladies and junior tour taking place and played under Ireland’s Pub Players 8-Ball Pool Tour on the same weakened as the open events with also a official set of rankings set in place….

There will be no membership this year 2007 for any player playing on Ireland’s Pub Players 8-Ball Pool Tour but from 2008 there will be a £10 membership for all men, ladies and juniors…..

Tournament Entries:
All tournaments must be pre-entered by the Thursday before each event, and there will be no guarantee for any player getting entered on the day…..We will be running two time slots for each tournament starting at 10am and 2-pm (based on 32 players) unless otherwise stated…….All matches will be played in a straight knockout format starting with the best of 9 from the first round through to the final which will be the best of 11……

Entry Fees:
Each Tournament will be £15 entry fee plus £5 registration fee / green fees or 22.50 euros entry fee plus 7.50 euros registration / green fees for each event (men only)…. and £10 entry fee plus £3 registration fee / green fee for ladies or under-16 or 20 euros (all in)…..

All registration / green fees will go towards the running and up keeping of the tour such as newspaper advertising, reports, results and photo’s. The setting up and the up keeping of a website, the organisers expenses and costs for the running of each tournament before and after the event, on the day of the tournament just to mention a few….

All the £15 entry fees taken in will be paid out in prize-money plus we hope to have added prize-money to each event when the tour is up and running…….

Dress Code:
All tournaments played under the All Ireland pub players 8-ball pool tour must wear the following dress code:
(a). any kind of casual / dress / polo shirt with a collar.
(b). black dress trousers.
(c ). proper dress shoes.

Tournament Diary:
The first tournament in the All Ireland Pub Players 8-Ball Pool Tour will be Saturday 19th May 2007 when the 2007 Ulster Open 8-Ball Pool Championship will take centre stage played in the Coach Inn Omagh, Co. Tyrone with two time slots……10-am and 2-pm…

There will be a full list of dates and venues advertised shortly as the tour will be trying not to Clash with other tournaments and tours…..

In any player or players appears or plays in any tournament without the proper dress code he / she will not be allowed to progress to the next round of the tournament or be entitled to receive any prize-money or ranking points… “NO EXCEPTIONS” will be given to any player….If this happens the players prize-money will be added to the next tournament.

For further information about the All Ireland Pub Players 8-Ball Pool Tour please contact any of the following details listed below…

Official Ranking System:
The official rankings used for Ireland’s Pub Players 8-Ball Pool Tour will last for a period of three years each time starting off in January 2008. Provisional rankings will be used from May to December for the seeding for each tournament taking place until the end of 2007.….

This means that new players will be starting of the new 2008 season on a level playing field from scratch which will see the rankings then last for 3-years bringing them up to 2011. . . .


Tel: 07776365059 or from Rep of Ireland (0044) 7776365059

Email: rbirish8ball@yahoo.co.uk

Website: www.irelands9balltour.com (click on 8-ball tour on the main page)

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