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Special pool cue discounted sale for player's
Date: April 15, 2007 02:06PM

Club 9 are holding a special discounted clearance sale on pool cues and merchandise for the player's.

Club 9 are offering fantastic deals on hand made Italian pool cases that hold 4 shafts and 3 butts with pouches for jump cues and tips etc

Buy the whole package that includes Italian case, break cue, Hand made jump cue and playing cue with exotic wood and inlays and accessories and get a further discount.

Items on offer are listed as hand made matching playing and jump cues, break cues and some classic vintage cues from around the world

This is a special clearance sale so once there gone there gone!!!!!

Just call up to Club 9 this weekend as Club 9 is hosting the Irish Pool Tour and grab yourself an unbelievable bargain.

Just ask for Joe matthews or O2 Joe about the deals to suit you.

See you all at the weekend

[smiling smileys]

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