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Date: February 11, 2005 07:18AM
hey gareth great website!!!!! hope u are enjoying all the light-hearted fun!!!!!

If u can get me a jump-break cue i would really appreciate that. I seen on one of the websites that the fury is the best!!!! could u please give me some info please.


c u soon


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Re: GARETH (Fury Jcool smiley
Date: February 11, 2005 12:24PM
Hey Paddy,

I'm glad u like the site. The banter the last few days has been most entertaining smiling smiley

The Fury JB is $143, plus taxes and shipping. Its amazing value for what it does.... thats why I own one. You are more than welcome to try mine at the next tourney. If you want to buy one, you can email me at and I'll let you know what everything should come to in pounds sterling.

All the best,


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