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Cork Tournaments:--
Date: January 31, 2007 05:31PM
Its nice to see the Mardyke Entertainment Complex in Cork already advertising Ireland's American 8 & 9 Ball Tours following tornaments on there official website.........www.mardyke.com

Friday 25th May:-- Co. Cork over 40's & Under-21's 9Ball Pool Championships....

Saturday 26th May:-- Co. Cork Open 9Ball Masters.....

Sunday 27th May:-- Co. Cork American 8Ball Masters.....

Go into www.mardyke.com and click on the right hand side.......if any players are thinking of going there are cheap air-flights flying from Belfast & Dublin at the minute....

Also players should group together and book a two or three bedroom apartment or house between them to keep down the cost....


paddy number 1
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Re: Cork Tournaments:--
Date: February 01, 2007 07:15AM
are u flying down rb???? what are your plans for it?

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