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The Empire Pool Tour NEW SEASON starts at Liverpool
Date: January 02, 2007 07:08AM

The Empire Pool Tour NEW SEASON starts at Liverpool

The Empire Pool Tour
The 2007 EPT Liverpool Open

Rileys American Pool and Snooker - Wavertree
Church Road North
L15 6TE
Tel: 0151 7229048

Saturday/Sunday 3-4 February 2007

EPT announces first event of 2007

You can now enter the first EPT event of 2007. The event will be held at the new Riley's club in Liverpool, with 18 re-clothed tables on 3 tiers, this club is one of the best in the UK. The closing date for entries is Wednesday 31st of January.

Prize monies above are 100% guaranteed, but if the number of entrants reaches 100 or above, then all prize monies will go up!

e.g: 100 entrants = Winner-2000, R.up-1000, Semi-650, Quar-400, L16-200, L32-90

Sunday Flyer

There will also be a Sunday Flyer with great cash prizes for all the players who don't make it to the finals of the main event.


All events are run over 2 days. All players MUST be at the venue at least 30 minutes before their allocated match time. Dont be late, as ALL EPT events are ran to a tight schedule, and there will be no exceptions.

Registration Deadline

The DEADLINE for entries will be on the Wednesday before the event at MIDNIGHT. The Closing Date for entries to The 2007 Liverpool Open is Wednesday 31st January 2007.

The draw will be made on the THURSDAY afternoon before the event, so that players can make their travel arrangements accordingly.

Play will start at 11:00am.

All events will be American 8ball.

All events will be a race to 10 racks (subject to change), alternate break.

All events will be single elimination.

Specific match times will be given to each and every player. Players must be at the Arena 30 minutes before thier allocated match time, this means that every player knows exactly when he/she needs to be at the arena for thier matches. If a player is NOT present when his/her match is due to start will lose 1 rack, and then 1 further rack after every 15 minutes.

As the EPT runs to a strict schedule, there will be no practice time allowed before a match. Once both players are at the table the match must begin.

The amount of players that will return on the sunday for the final KO stage depends on the amount of entrants into that particular event.

EPT Schedule

* 3rd/4th FEB - EPT LIVERPOOL Open - Wavertree
* 31st MAR/1st APR - EPT LONDON Open - Harrow
* 19th/20th MAY - EPT MANCHESTER Open - Stretford
* 14th/15th JUL - EPT MIDLANDS Open - Solihull
* TBA - EPT Grand Finals and Presentation Night

Dress Code

Male players - The minimum expected dress code for male players is dress trousers, shoes (clean and polished), long or short sleeve button-up collared shirt (polo's are included). While playing, players may roll up their sleeves (if desired). All shirts must be tucked in.

Travel - By Plane

The nearest airport is the John Lennon Liverpool Airport in Speek, approximately 6 miles.

EasyJet are the main airline that operates at this airport.

Entry fee

90 in advance.

Please note, ABSOLUTELY NO entries will be accepted on the day of the event.

How to enter

There are 3 possible options in which to enter our next event.

Method (1) The easiest way is to pay by credit card/paypal through our secure payment system.

Simply click the "BUY NOW" button below, you can choose to pay through your paypal account, or by credit card if you dont have a paypal account. Once you have chosen which method to use, simply follow the online instructions at

Method (2) Pay by cheque or postal order (UK only). Make these payable to Empire Pool Tour and send to:

Empire Pool Tour
1 Longridge Ave

(When using this method, please make sure the cheque/postal order will reach us a minimum 10 days before the actual event date).

Method (3) Pay in person to Mr Daryl Peach.

Register Now!!!


Good luck and I'll see you there!
Big Dave Knight.

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Re: The Empire Pool Tour NEW SEASON starts at Liverpool
Date: January 15, 2007 03:31AM
EPT - Raising the Standards for Professional Pool in Europe

The Empire Pool Tour
The Player's Pool Tour
Press Release
Register NOW at

Saturday 13 January 2007

Top 64 ranked to be "Pro Tour Division"

The Empire Pool Tour will be raising the profile of our sport. After the 4 ranking events of 2007 are over, and the ranking positions are concluded, the following season's events will be slightly different.

"Read more" for the details by EPT founder Daryl Peach.

There will still be a maximum of 6 events per season, but players will be split into 2 divisions. The top 64 ranked players will have the opportunity to compete in the "pro tour" division, these will be 64 man events, with guaranteed prize money in each event. the next division will be made up form everyone else outside of the top 64 ranked players, this will be called the "challenge tour" division, and this will also have guaranteed prize money for each event. Once the season has concluded, the bottom 16 players on the Pro tour will drop out and go into the challenge tour, and the top 16 players on the challenge tour will take their place.

Many other big sports use a similar structure, and we believe this is the way forward in order to raise the profile of our game, and also attract sponsors.

By adopting this system it enables all players to compete against players of a similar level, which in turn gives everyone a chance to win, and makes the prize money spread out more evenly. And it also gives players realistic targets to aim for.

The 2 tours will run along side each other with the Pro tour being ran over 2 days (Sat/Sun) and the challenge tour ran on the Sunday at the same venue.

Entry fees, payouts, and a more detailed announcement will be coming soon.

If any of you are thinking of trying to get into the top 64 on the EPT rankings, and you have only entered 2, 1, or even no events, there is still time for you to get there as the final rankings will be determined from your best 5 results from the 7 events (3 last year, and 4 from this).

.......And even if you don't manage it, the challenge tour will have prize money very much worth playing for.

Visit [url][/url] for info, or to enter an event.

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Re: The Empire Pool Tour NEW SEASON starts at Liverpool
Date: February 06, 2007 02:27AM
The Empire Pool Tour
The 2007 EPT Liverpool Open

Rileys American Pool and Snooker - Wavertree
Church Road North
L15 6TE
Tel: 0151 7229048

Saturday/Sunday 3-4 February 2007
Empire Pool Tour Liverpool Open Champion - Ben "Ding" Davies,
being presented with his cheque by EPT Tour Director, Daryl Peach.

Empire Pool Tour Liverpool Open results

When Daryl Peach announced that this was a beautiful club, he wasn't just doing the usual PR job that you expect... This club is a real beauty, everybody is saying it. Split on four tiered levels, in a similar fashion to the set for the World Pool Championships in Cardiff, this has to be the best conversion ever from what was obviously previously a cinema.

Not only that, but the tables are absolutely gorgeous too - recovered especially for the event in a Royal Blue colour! Rileys really have done a great job here and got a top result - even the staff are superb too, bending over backwards to the player's every whim. Well done Rileys, and the EPT!
Another big EPT audience at The Liverpool Open

Oscar Wild?

Liverpool was covered in fog when we arrived... Thick fog!

The fog was so thick that some of the international player's had their flights diverted to Manchester as they couldn't land at Liverpool.

EPT pool player Oscar Reguiero from Spain's first ever trip to England was an eventful one, as he had to negotiate the rail network to get to Liverpool after his flight was also diverted to Manchester.
EPT player from Galicia, Spain... Oscar Regueiro

Oscar, from the city of La Coruna in the northern Galicia region of Spain, has managed to get some sponsorship from a local company, and has decided to play on the EPT to get some more international experience under his belt.

He'll certainly get that, and he can add his win in the Last 64 to his CV. as well as a very respectable 10-7 loss to EPT number 3 seed Mark Gray.

Well played, and welcome Oscar!

Lovely Liverpool

Maybe it's because I'm a southerner that I notice, but the people are REALLY friendly up here...It's a real change from the rather cold attitude Londoners seem to have (myself included to be honest) and maybe I'm feeling a little like I'm on holiday too?

Invincible Vincent 1

While I'm waiting for the Last 16 results to come through I thought I'd take the time to fill you in on some of the more extra-ordinary results that have occurred at The EPT Liverpool Open this weekend.

The most fantastic was the incredible battles that Vincent Facquet has been enduring!

The Frenchman's first match was with Ireland's Sam Gibson. Sam seems to be improving with age if that's possible - he's gone from being Ireland's No.1 to Ireland's Seniors No.1 recently, and he really played well in his match with Facquet.

Neither player was ahead by more than two racks as they progressed "neck-and-neck" to the hill-hill match's final rack!
Empire Pool Tour player Vincent Facquet.

A tactical affair it turned out to be, until it seemed that it was all over after Vincent attempted, and failed, a run-out of his solids, leaving 4 stripes and the black on the table and Sam wedged the cue-ball into a cluster of three stripes leaving his opponent completely snookered.

An absolutely devastating situation to find yourself in, and Facquet puzzled out the solution and went for it wholeheartedly. A one-rail kick off the side cushion, played dead-weight, to sink the 8-ball in the middle pocket.

An ambitious plan...

An all-or-nothing shot...

Facquet focuses on the job at hand, prepares himself, mentally blocking out the crowd of people watching and gives it his best shot...




Vincent made the 8-ball dead-weight into the side pocket.

An awesome finish to a very well spectated match.

Afterwards, Sam said he didn't feel bad about what happened, that he felt he'd played some very good pool, and that it had been close all the way, and I think everyone would agree.

Invincible Vincent 2

Later in the day, Vincent Facquet decided he hadn't had enough drama in his day, and so proceeded to have ANOTHER hill-hill tie-breaker... This time with Kevin Uzzell.

The final rack of this match was no less dramatic than the last as both players had turns at the table, but once again "Invincible Vincent" had to pull out a spectacularly difficult shot on the black to win the match.

The black balls root to the corner pocket was complete blocked by an impeding object ball... The Frenchman's chosen solution was to bounce the 8-ball of the side-rail, so that it would then carom off the rear-side of the impeding ball and make it's way into the corner bag.

As the object ball was a full diamond away from the pocket it was a particularly difficult to judge shot, but Vincent played it to perfection, and the audience showed their appreciation with a respectful round of applause.

Facquet now plays Darren Appleton in the Last 16 stage of the EPT Liverpool Open, and the on-site bookmaker has stopped taking bets on Facquet... Rumour has it that this is because a very large bet has now been placed on Facquet to win the event.

The "You Couldn't Make It Up" Department!

To add a little glamour to the Predator sponsored cue raffle, EPT Tour Director Daryl Peach has asked the beautiful Mel Jenkins if she would be kind enough to pick the winning ticket for the equally gorgeous black Predator 5K3 prize cue!
Mel Jenkins picked the ticket.... Neil Jenkins won the cue... LOL

Mel duly obliged, and promptly picked the winning ticket... A slightly embarassed smile appeared on her face as she recognised the number she had picked. It was owned by her other half... Neil Jenkins!!!

Congratulations Neil!

Ben Davies 10 : 8 Daryl Peach
Carl Morris 10 : 5 Darren Appleton
Richard Jones 10 : 7 Mark Gray
Jayson Shaw 10 : 8 Mick Hill

Ben Davies 10 : 5 Carl Morris
Richard Jones 10 : 4 Jayson Shaw

Ben Davies 10 : 8 Richard Jones
The Welsh Champion with a big smile on his face!

Jones won the lag for the first break in this alternate break format match

Ben Davies 0 : 1 Richard Jones
Ben Davies 1 : 1 Richard Jones
Ben Davies 1 : 2 Richard Jones
Ben Davies 2 : 2 Richard Jones
Ben Davies 2 : 3 Richard Jones
Ben Davies 3 : 3 Richard Jones
Ben Davies 4 : 3 Richard Jones
Ben Davies 4 : 4 Richard Jones
Ben Davies 5 : 4 Richard Jones
Ben Davies 5 : 5 Richard Jones
Ben Davies 5 : 6 Richard Jones
Ben Davies 5 : 7 Richard Jones
Ben Davies 6 : 7 Richard Jones
Ben Davies 7 : 7 Richard Jones
Ben Davies 7 : 8 Richard Jones
Ben Davies 8 : 8 Richard Jones
Ben Davies 9 : 8 Richard Jones
Ben Davies 10 : 8 Richard Jones

Check out the latest rankings at []

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