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Date: December 17, 2006 11:25AM

Just a brief bit of information on membership on Ireland's American 8 & 9 Ball Tour for the 2007 season.

If any player doesn't want to become a member he / she will have to pay a non-players membership for each event they enter but they will not be allowed to progress to the next round of any event.....

For example:
(A): if a non-member qualifies from the round robin group stages he / she will be disqualified and the place will go to the next playing member in the group........

(cool smiley: if a non member qualifies to the next round by beating a playing member in the straight knockout format he / she is also disqualified and the member progresses to the next round.......

(C): if it happens to be two non-members then both players are disqualified and the player in the next round gets a bye.

All paid up members can check the members list book at each tournament to see whos a member or not a member before or after they play any player if they want to lodge a complaint either in the group or the knockout stages of any tournament.

Last year and every other year a good number of players didn't pay there membership to the tour. they always kept saying i will pay at the next tournament and so on, but this never happens which is not fair on all the other players who pay the membership in full each year.

There will be "NO EXCEPTIONS" given to any player this year 2007....(all players are advised to check the official rules before entering any tournaments).....


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