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2007 Playing Season:
Date: December 17, 2006 10:53AM

The first tournament in the 2007 tournament diary on Ireland's American 8 & 9 Ball Pool Tour will cue off on Saturday 6th January 2007.

This year also sees every player starting the official rankings from zero as they only last for a period of 3years each time and not forgetting alot of new events and afew changes that will be also taking place.

The 2007 tournament diary is done out and is in the printers at the minute but should be finished in a few days time.

I will be sending out all information to all players i have a email address for with the tournament diary posters given out at tournaments at advertised on the tours official website www.irelands9balltour.com.

If there is any new players that would like to receive all information including the changes for the 2007 season can do so by emailing me there details to irelandsamericancuesports@yahoo.co.uk

The following tournaments to take place in January is as follows:

Jan 6th: Co. Down Open 9-Ball Pool Championships ----(ranking event-category 1) ---- Newry.

Jan 13th: Belfast Over 40's & Junior Open 9Ball Championships ---- Ckub-9

Jan 20th: Ulster Open 9Ball Championships -- (ranking event-premier event) --- Frames Belfast.

Jan 20th --3pm: Under-19 Star of the Future --- Frames Belfast

Ranking Tournament & Categories For 2007:

Premier Events:
1. Ulster Open 9Ball Championships ------------- Belfast
2. Connaught Open 9Ball Championships ---------Galway
3. Munster Open 9Ball Championships --------Cork
4. Leinster Open 9Ball Championships ---------Dublin
5. All Ireland Open 9Ball Championships
6. Irish 9Ball Masters
Note: the premier events is the tournaments with the added prize-money.

Category 1 Events:
1. Co. Down Open 9Ball Championships
2. Co. Cork Open 9Ball Championshipd
3. Co. Tyrone Open 9Ball Championships
4. West of Ireland Open 9Ball Championships
5. Co. Fermanagh Open 9Ball Championships
6. Co. Dublin Open 9Ball Championships
7. Co. Antrim Open 9Ball Championships

Category 2 Events:
1. Newry Open 9Ball Championships

Its very important that all players receives a full information pack a.s.a.p before entering and making any arrangements for the new 2007 season as this is only a brief piece of information above.

Tel: 07776365059 or from Rep of Ireland (0044) 7776365059
Email: irelandsamericancuesports@yahoo.co.uk
Website: www.irelands9balltour.com

dean largey
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Re: 2007 Playing Season:
Date: December 18, 2006 02:27PM
count me in for junior 9ball open and wen is the junior event that was ment to be in newry going to be played ronnie?

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