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8ball tournament oslo norway!!!
Date: November 13, 2006 02:20PM
The 8-Ball Battle of Scandinavia

Biljardsport is proud to be organiser of “The 8-ball Battle of Scandinavia”, which will take place between the 17th to the 20th of January 2007.

The tournament will probably be one of the biggest 8-ball tournaments ever organised in Scandinavia, and with as partner for this tournament there will be at least 30 matches broadcast live at It is free to watch the matches, and also offers live betting on those matches, and you can also bet on who you think will win the tournament.

As a player you are guaranteed more matches than normal in Open tournaments in Europe, because of the choice of group stages in the first round. Every player has some bad matches sometimes, but with group stages you can still proceed to the next round if you manage to turn bad rolls into good rolls, even if you start with some bad results.

Some very good players have already announced their participation, so if you would like to test your skills against the top players in the world this is your chance! In a race to 5, alternate break, anyone can win against the pros! Even better: If you proceed to the knock-out stages, there will be best of 5 short sets, instead of long matches. In long races to 9 or 11 the best players are always favourites, but since each set will be a run to 3 with alternate break, the chances for some surprises increases dramatically! The players who first win 3 sets proceed to next round.

With this system it will be more exciting for both spectators and players! Every rack is deadly important, and you will almost get the feeling as playing double-hill all the time!

If a full field of 256 players, the first price will be 15 000 Euro, and the grand total will be 39,000 Euro! The biggest 1st prize for a European Open tournament!!! With 160 players there will be 9000 Euro for first place and 23,900 Euro in grand total. Also the biggest 1st prize in a European Open tournament… The player who makes the most break & run during the tournament will receive a prize of 500 Euro, and the best woman player will receive 200 Euro!

Do not wait till it’s too late, register today for a superb pool week in Norway!

Tournament format: 16 or 32 groups, race to 5, alternate break.

Last 64 single Knock Out, best of 5 set, each set race to 3, alternate break.

Break box, and racking is “tapped”.

Max. number of participants: 256, entry fee 150 €

Dress code: EPBF-Standard

Time Schedule: Wednesday 17th of January: Players meeting at 11 am. The tournament will start at 12 pm, and we are trying to start each day at 9 am and end each day at 8pm.

The final will be played Saturday 20th of January at 8 pm. At least 30 matches will be broadcast live on

ANYONE FANCY IT?????????????????

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Re: 8ball tournament oslo norway!!!
Date: November 13, 2006 05:18PM
flights are only 45 euro return including taxes!!!!!!!!! brilliant

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Re: 8ball tournament oslo norway!!!
Date: November 14, 2006 06:38AM
this is the official invite that i received this morning!!!! anyone can enter this event!!!

Dear friends of pool,

I hereby invite you to Norway and ElbowRoom to the kick-off of the European tournament schedule for 2007, The 8-ball Battle of Scandinavia 17th - 20th of January.

The tournament-format will be group-stages round robin, either 16 or 32 groups, with 64 players qualifying to the knock-out stage. With this format each player is guaranteed more matches and action compared to what is common in other international tournaments throughout the world.

In the single-KO stage matches will be played best of 5 set, each set a race to 3 alternate breaks! Maximum excitement for spectators, TV and the players! There will of course be a lot of action, ring games and mini-tournaments each evening, and also a 9-ball handicap tournament on the Sunday 21st, limited to 64 players.

The field in the main-tournament is limited to 256 players, and with a full field of 256 players there will be a 15 000 € in first price, without doubt the highest first price in any European Open tournaments! (With 160 players the first price will be 10000 €)

Please visit the tournaments website for further information such as price money breakdown, hotels, airports, venue and much more. (PS: Under pricemoney it is listed 200 € for most Golden Breaks. We are playing with WPA-rules and not IPT-rules, so there is no Golden Breaks.

Instead the 200 € will be awarded the best woman player. Will be changed on the website soon) Please register for the biggest 8-ball event ever organized in Scandinavia!

The tournament will be broadcasted live on Betandwin, Tournament website: www.biljardsport.comVenue website:

Hope to see you in Oslo in January, and may the good rolls be with you!

Best regards,

Roy SteffensenTournament Director+47 47 30 00 43

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