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Date: August 10, 2006 01:49PM
Hi everyone smiling smiley

I would like to wish all the guys at Club 9, that are going to the EPT event in Harrow smiling smiley

There's pretty much a who's who in European pool players that are gonna be there, so it's definitely gonna be a great one to be at smiling smiley

I hope that you all do extremely well at least and show them all that you know how to run the table, just the same as they do smiling smiley

Good luck guys smiling smiley


club9 sports reporter
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Date: August 12, 2006 06:17AM
liam mcveigh from club 9 was drawn against RONNIE O'SULLIVAN today,could be you next buddy,

sports ed

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Date: August 12, 2006 10:40AM
Hey Buddy smiling smiley

AWESOME smiling smiley, I read it earlier in the Club 9 Forum and it's great for Liam because he'll enjoy the experience of it as well as being able to learn alot from it smiling smiley

As far as playing Ronnie O'Sullivan goes, Get his carcus over here and let me at him!!!... he's a great snooker player, but someone is gonna have to take him to pool school, tell him to get his notebook and pen ready!!!! smiling smiley

I meant to say Sports Editor, put me down for the next EPT event, instead of Scotland because I would prefer the 8ball event smiling smiley

I'll give you a shout tomorrow on the blower smiling smiley


P.S. Give the guys there my best and I'm behind them all 1000% smiling smiley

Blue Suede
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Date: August 19, 2006 04:08PM
Willie 'The Wizard' Dines wrote:

"I meant to say Sports Editor, put me down for the next EPT event, instead of Scotland"

As a fan and supporter of the EPT, I'm still gobsmacked that you would choose to enter this in preference to the Scottish event!!!

Shame on you, Mr. Dines.

I'm sure you don't really mean it.

Your fans in Scotland would be extremely dissapointed.

Sure they would.

A player of your calibre is bound to excel in the EPT, but why choose this one to begin your campaign? Have you read what the 'pool massive' have been saying about Riley's, Solihull? You wouldn't like it. Really, you wouldn't.

Naw. Allow me to make this decision for you, Willie. Come to the Scottish Champs in Kirkcaldy along with the rest of the crew. You'll love it. This year will be the best yet.

You might even win a couple of matches.

Ok. I've taken that too far!!!

Hear from you soon.



It's like a nightmare, isn't it?

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Date: August 27, 2006 04:36PM
I was actually looking to come over to both the Scottish Champs and then over to the EPT, but no mater what I tried, I just couldn't do it, which I am kinda disgusted at, but there is a particular reason why I'm going to Solihull, which I'll tell you about at the weekend sometime smiling smiley

I need to get back to playing how I really used to play and that was even before I started playing any Irish tour events, but I will say that even though I can't make it to the Scots, I send everyone there my best and I know that it'll be a great event, after all you guys put a hell of alot of effort and dedication into that tour and it's great to see smiling smiley, but I really want and need to start putting in the serious practice time that I used to put in, like 8-10 hours minimum practice, everyday and that#s now including practice drills, etc, that's what I need to get back too and I hope that I can get back to playing at that level and soon smiling smiley

I mist admit though, the EPT event would be a bigger and more chalenging start because I want to push my game to it's full potential and not have anything to hold me back, including my own lack of practice.

Right time for me to get some kip cos I got a busy day tomorrow, practicing and shooting pool and maybe make a little money smiling smiley

Take care buddy and I'll e-mail ya this weekend smiling smiley


P.S. I hope that you're still playing as good as you told me a few months back smiling smiley

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