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ipt qualifier elbowroom norway
Date: August 01, 2006 09:40AM
I would like to inform all of you that ElbowRoom in Oslo, Norway, will host a qualifier for the World Reno 8-ball Open.

The qualifier will be organized 18th-20th of August. More information, and registrations, can be done by using this link:

This will probably be the EASIEST qualifier in Europe! Two weeks before there will be a qualifier in London, then the following weekend will be qualifers both in Holland, Switzerland and Italy. The same weekend as ElbowRoom is hosting, there is a qualifier in Spain, and the weekend after there is a qualifier in London.

Norway has got none players in the IPT yet, and since it is more expencive both to stay and travel to Norway comparing to the other qualifiers, I suppose most of the players will try to qualify on the other tournaments.

Will you be one of the probably few foreigners playing the qualifier in Norway??? The 2 best players will proceed to Reno...

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