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Wheelchair Sports Videos
Date: July 24, 2006 03:18PM

We have created a web collection of wheelchair sports videos. You can see it here:


We are looking for some videos of wheelchair billiards (instructional videos or otherwise). Does anyone know where we can find them?

Please let us know by contacting us via this link:



Fred Dinsmore
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Re: Wheelchair Sports Videos
Date: July 25, 2006 08:01AM
Hi Gene

Have you tried the NWPA (National Wheelchair Poolplayers Association) in America, the contact would be either Ken Force or Bob Calderon? They may be a good place to start, actually I have never heard of any Coaching or Instruction Video or DVD for Wheelchaor Players but it is a very good idea. There would however footage from European and World Championships in the last few years, again I am not sure where you would locate this, maybe the EPBF (Martin Hennin from Begium is Technical Delegate for Wheelchair Devision of EPBF) could help with this. If I can help you further you can contact me through my website:

Hope this helps,

Good luck

Fred Dinsmore.

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