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Date: July 11, 2006 06:04AM

Listed below is the towns & venues which will be hosting the new "PUB PLAYERS 8-BALL POOL TOUR" taking place in pubs & clubs throughout different counties.

This new "PUB PLAYERS 8-BALL POOL TOUR" will be played on the small tables (reds & yellows).

If any player wants to know more information regarding this new tour can do so by contacting 07776365059 or from Rep of Ireland (0044) 7776365059 and full information will be send on.

The list of dates are as follows:

Aug 28th: ---- Sep 2nd: Dee's Pool Club 8-Ball Open Champioships Fintona

October 7th: Co. Donegal Pub Players Championships Letterkenny

November 4th: Dublin 8-Ball Players Championships Dublin

December 9th: Co. Tyrone 8-Ball Players Championships Omagh

Jan 15th ----- Jan 20th: Bundoran 8-Ball Players Championships Bundoran

Febriary 3rd: Co. Fermanagh Pub Players Championships Irvinestown

Feb 26th ---- Mar 3rd: Fintona 8-Ball Players Championships Fintona

April 7th: Northwest 8-Ball Pool Players Championships Letterkenny

May 19th: Ulster 8-Ball Open Pub Players Championships Omagh

June 2nd: All Ireland 8-Ball Pub Players Championships Dublin

A official set of rankings will set in place for the tour.
We hope to have a website set up shortly.
When we get up and running we hope to be adding more money to the prize-money.

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