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club9 ept qualifier's results
Date: July 10, 2006 02:20AM
Good morning player's,
here is an update of the 8ball qualifier's held at Club 9 on July 8th and 9th with the superb prize of an all paid trip to travel and compete at the next EPT 8 ball event, what a fantastic turn out with some nail biting head on clashes producing top drawer pool from both men and women.

Results of Club 9 qualifier's for the 8 ball EPT event in Harrow August 2006.

Saturday July 8th open tournament

Winner Paddy mcloughlin

finals Paddy mcloughlin (10) v Sam Gibson (5)

semi finals Paddy mcloughlin (10) v Paul Cavana (7)

semi finals Sam Gibson (10) v Stephen Johnston (6)

Sunday July 9th Amateur tournament

Winner Liam mcVeigh

Finals Liam mcVeigh (10) v Marty wIlson (4)

semi finals Liam mcVeigh (8) v A Finnerty (2)

semi finals Marty Wilson (8) v John Lynn (5)

Saturday report
What a tough tournament this was, a lot of the favorities started off with ease in the first round but soon tightened up in the second round with Paddy mcloughlin finding himself in trouble against club 9's own young hotshot mark (the bear) mcDonald, Paddy trailing 7-1 down, race to 10 it looked like curtains for Paddy,but Paddy showed true to form why he is Ireland's number 1,pure grit and determination saw Paddy win rack after rack to the stunned audience while the bear waited for an opportunity to come, it never did, Paddy was on fire and delivered like a top pro to win 10-7.Stephen Johnston prepared for a tough match against liam mcVeigh, Liam who just returned from playing at the Las Vegas finals and was feeling very confident but what a shocker,Stephen was taking no prisoners,he put his methodic long hours of practise in to action and boy did it show with shots normally only reserved for the pro's on Television, Stephen jumped, kicked,spun and hypnotised the audience to a spectale of how to play 8ball,Liam knew there was nothing he could do to stop Stephen, it was over before it begun 10-0.Sam Gibson was steady as usual with his mind focused on one thing only, the final, with his experience showing he progressed as expected to the final,Paul cavana fought a brave battle against Paddy in the semi final but Paddy had travelled from Newry to Club 9 with only one thing on his mind to win. The final, it started off tight as the players knew how much was at stake,Paddy then couldn't miss he showed that extra 1% that makes all the difference with shots delivering perfect positioning to make it all look so simple,Paddy had the prize in his sights and nobody was going to prevent him from reaching his goal,shots from the top drawer confirmed his confident approach against Sam and it was over, he came he saw and he truimphed with a conclusive 10-5 win.

Sunday report
Fantastic turnout again for the Amateur's with the same prize at stake as saturday's tournament, resulted in both men and women competing,there seems to be a real buzz aroud the amateur's with everyone arriving early for the free practise provided by Club 9,most of these matches were very tight with a couple of favorites being knocked out at the early stages,Kevin mcKee just back fron the Las Vegas finals was favorite to win this one but the other players are putting in so much practise for these events anyone can win this event and it showed as Kevin lost in the first round,Liam mcVeigh fresh from playing in saturday's event (smart move Liam) eased his way to the final,Marty Wilson last month's runner up showed his form as he progressed to the final, Marty and liam in the final, could this be Marty's day, afraid not,Liam had used his experience from the open tournament and came to this one fresh and full of confidence and it showed 10-4 to Liam.

Club 9 would like to thank all those involved in the playing and running of these fantastic events and a special mention to Paddy mcLoughlin who travelled from Newry to Belfast, a tremendous character with a professional attitude Club 9 wishes Paddy all the best at the EPT event
club 9 sports report

Hud Millen
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Re: club9 ept qualifier's results
Date: July 10, 2006 04:02AM
Well done Paddy. See ya in Harrow!! Good luck in Norway by the way!!


Hud Millen
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Re: club9 ept qualifier's results
Date: July 11, 2006 01:02AM
Liam, well played too. Forgot to mention you as well. Tell Tacey i'll take you to a few good places in London!!

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Re: club9 ept qualifier's results
Date: July 13, 2006 12:42AM
just like to say thank to everyone at club 9!!!! it was a great day of pool and i look forward to getting down again soon!!!!

p.s i heard the tables where running well but thats not true!!! they are running perfect and looking forward to heading to london soon.

p.s thanks hud, see ya soon

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